Calimacil Foam LEDsaber – All the Force, Minus the Hurt

Join the Dark Side of the Force, or the Jedi Masters, without the pain and hurt with the Calimacil Foam LEDsaber. This high-tech foam LEDsaber revolutionizes outdoor playing activities with the use of a very immersive lightsaber. It can simulate all the lightsaber swordfighting fun, minus the actual hurt that you see in the Star Wars movie franchise.

Calimacil Foam LEDsaber -All the Force, Minus the Hurt

Calimacil Foam LEDsaber is a Safe Lightsaber

The challenge with regards to the creation of the Calimacil Foam LEDsaber is to make a lightsaber that is made of foam for safe play. In order to integrate the light, the team behind this project had to enhance the foam formula that they usually use in their products. Furthermore, they had to develop a new kind of technology to handle both lights and sounds. With all the research and development, the result is this immersive LEDsaber.

The Calimacil LEDsaber is made of a special foam material and it is completely safe for dueling. There is an integrated advanced technology within the “toy” to assist in the possibility to change its light effects, sounds, and more. Furthermore, the foam is quite durable and is practically indestructible. Users can either hit, slash, or even smash just about anything and it will still stay intact.

But what if you don’t like the color of the light emitted by your saber? That’s not a problem as the LEDsaber can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and a dedicated app. With said communication enabled, it will allow the user to customize the color of the light of the blade. There is an array of colors available, which include blue, orange, green, red, and many more. What’s even more fun is that users are able to create various plasma effects on the blade to make it more menacing to look at.

For the master version of the LEDsaber, it completes the immersive package with precise movement detection. This is used to adjust the sound effects. There are algorithms built within the device that allows it to detect and discern between hits and swings. It even has that sound effect when you clash sabers in a locked position. When you swing the LEDsaber, it will not create a “hit” sound unless you really “hit” a physical object. Furthermore, if you just stay still, the blade will have a sound effect that will blaze like an electroshock.

If you and your friends are avid Star Wars fans, or just want to whack each other with foam swords for fun, then try out the Calimacil Foam LEDsaber. It looks like a classic toy made into the shape of the iconic lightsaber but has entered the modern age with Bluetooth connectivity, customizable lights, and sound effects.


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