Alienware Steam Machine (2015) Review – Bringing the Steam OS to Life

After many delays, redesigns, and all sorts of roadblocks, the Alienware Steam Machine (2015) finally makes its way into the living rooms of avid gamers. The platform starts with Steam OS (which is not already clearly found in its name). It is Valve’s Linux-based game operating system and storefront. The idea behind the creation of this gaming console is to bring Steam’s games into living rooms at a more affordable price. Well, more affordable than putting together a high-powered computer anyway.

Alienware Steam Machine (2015) Review - Bringing the Steam OS to Life

The Alienware Steam Machine (2015) Lets You Play Steam Games at a Much More Affordable Price

The Alienware Steam Machine (2015) is built by Dell’s gaming division. The final design feels very close to the original Steam Machine concept we’ve seen a few years back. The idea? To build a device fit for the living-room that would have a price tag that is similar to owning a video game console but acts more like a gaming PC.

Aside from playing Steam games on it, the system can also “stream” games from another gaming laptop or desktop from another location, as long as it is still inside your home network. However, if you already have a great gaming rig in the first place, then you might not be in the market of getting the Alienware Steam Machine in the first place.

There is a Steam Link functionality that allows you to have both ends (the device connected to your TV and your separate gaming PC) to be connected directly through an Ethernet cable. If you go wireless on either end, the experience suffers. For comparisons sake, Nvidia is offering similar functionalities with their Shield products.

The device has nearly the exact same hardware to what the company had released last year. It looks and feels almost the same, and offers a very tight integration towards Steam but it runs on Windows. Despite its known limitations, many can deem that this Steam Machine is one of their favorite PC gaming options.

For its base model, it is powered with an Intel Core i3 processor, a custom Nvidia graphics chip (that closely matches the performance of the GeForce 860M card), and 500GB of internal storage. There is a series of upgraded Steam Machine configurations that are also available for purchase. These will have double the RAM for the base model (at 8GB0, and the hard drive will now be at 1TB.

The Alienware Steam Machine (2015) also has a newly styled controller to complete the gaming experience. With this device, gamers can enjoy their favorite Steam games in the comfort of their living-room couches, with a great controller, and great gaming performance.


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