Businesses – There Seems to be a Lot of Rash Recalls as of Late

It might be from the automobile industry, or the food sector, but when it comes to businesses and companies in general, there seems to be a lot of recalls going on lately. There are recent reports about frozen vegetables that can make you sick, a water heater brand that might have the tendency to explode, or cars with airbags that would set off even without any accident occurring.

Businesses - There Seems to be a Lot of Rash Recalls as of Late

Consumers Need Businesses to Have Better Detection Tools and More Stringent Safety Rules

Those that were previously mentioned are just few of the many thousands of products in which manufacturers and businesses have recalled within this year alone. Furthermore, the sad news here is that there is no signs of this slowing down within the near future. There is now a recall going on, or have happened, within just about every product category. The scope and intricacy of these recalls are now on the rise.

For different car manufacturers, there were a record 51-million vehicles that were recalled in 2015. This was nearly three times as many that were actually sold. When it comes to food businesses, they have now doubled since the year 2002, as per a report by an insurance firm. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is the government’s primary products watchdog, announces that there is at least one recall that happens each day.

There are now two trends with regards to product recalls that are on the increase, according to regulators and consumer advocates. The first one is that these high number of recalls, in some ways, are a sign of improvements with regards to attention towards public safety. There are some manufacturers that will always cut corners in some areas of their products or make mistakes when it comes to their production line. However, better detection tools and more stringent safety rules are a must in order for the problems that were once undetected to be able to be spotted quickly and be traced back to their source.

Overall, products from businesses located in different industries have been known to be getting safer, according to consumer-protection experts. For instance, deaths pertaining to malfunctions related to vehicles are now down to a record-low rate of approximately 1 death per 100-million car miles traveled. In the previous year, it was the period wherein the fewest children’s products were recalled in a span of over 15 years, as per Kids in Danger, which is an advocacy group that cited “sustained, faithful implementation” of a 2008 law enforcing product-safety rules to be the main reason behind the long-term decline.


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