Breville Fast Slow Pro Review – A Versatile Multi-Cooker That Delivers Frustrations

Even though the Breville Fast Slow Pro presents itself to be a capable multi-cooker, it delivers more frustrations that comes along with its versatility. For one, the lid is finicky which makes it tricky to lock properly. This can become annoying especially when you want to make use of the appliance as a pressure cooker. Furthermore, it comes with a price tag that is undeniably made for the high-end market for appliances.

Breville Fast Slow Pro Review - A Versatile Multi-Cooker That Delivers Frustrations

Even if it Does Come With Frustrations, You Might Still Want to Try the Breville Fast Slow Pro

For its design, there’s practically nothing new on the Breville Fast Slow Pro. It has a cylinder-shaped vessel, which is the norm for kitchen appliances of this type. It comes with a removable cooking bowl and very sturdy side handles.

As for the cooking bowl, it has an easy-to-clean ceramic coating, and it comes with a removable steam basket. The bowl also comes with a stainless steel rack used for raising food above cooking liquids.

Its finicky lid comes with a silicone gasket. This is used to properly seal the appliance when pressure cooking. There is a moat surrounding the top of the Fast Slow Pro. This collects the condensation whenever you open the lid. It will then send the collected condensation flowing into a removable cup. The water collected is great for preventing a wet counter.

Part of its feature set lets users take advantage of six cooking options. These are pressure cook, steam, slow cook, reduce, sear, and sauté. These can all be accessed on an LCD display. To select the option you want, you have to make use of the three knobs and three buttons found at the bottom of the display. Each of the cooking presets have their own submenus to further tweak the settings depending on what type of food you’re cooking.

Many of its frustrations come from its lid. What you need to do is to turn a knob to lock it in place. However, this will end up loosening a nut that should hold the lid in place. Therefore, it prevents you from properly sealing the lid for pressure cooking. When this happens, the multi-cooker will continuously tell you that the lid is not locked into placed. It is quite annoying as it tells you what the problem is but not how to fix it.

But when you are able to let it do what it is supposed to do, the Breville Fast Slow Pro can cook food well under many scenarios. It can handle searing meat, pressure cooking, and slow cooking very well. That is, if you have enough patience to deal with the lid.


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