Braun J500 Spin Juicer Review – An Affordable Juicer Delivering Much Promise

Placed at a very reasonable price point, the Braun J500 Spin Juicer is able to deliver performance levels comparable to similar yet higher-end devices. Users are able to get a good-sized glass of juice in a mere 15-seconds on either one of two speed settings. It has a 7.5-centimeter feed chute, which means that food (such as fruit and vegetables) do not have to be stressfully chopped into chunks prior to placing them into the device. There’s also a smart anti-splash and anti-drip spout which will ensure there’s no sticky mess that will be left on the surface of where the appliance is placed after the juicing has been done.

Braun J500 Spin Juicer Review - An Affordable Juicer Delivering Much Promise

Bringing Top-End Juicing Performance to a Reasonable Price Point With the Braun J500 Spin Juicer

The Braun J500 Spin Juicer is available in either white or black colors for its mostly plastic exteriors. There are silver detailing which can be found here and there, and the design is mostly based on functionality rather than fashion. It sports a blocky shape as compared to other juicers that has a rounder look. There are a few curves that are cleverly placed to let you draw your eyes away from all the harsh lines.

But this is less than a display piece but more of a functional workhorse, which also gives it a nod to its German upbringings. The design focuses on its overall efficiency, and there are many smart features thrown into the mix. For instance, there is a large pulp bin found at one side of the machine which means there is no longer a need to empty it repeatedly for multiple uses. There is also a spout which simply clicks to close and does a very good job of preventing drips.

Upon using the juicer, you will hear its motors and blades at its maximum. Meaning, the device does pose a lot of volume as it works its magic. The unit is quite loud when it is undergoing its operation, but it does work its magic quite fast so it’s not much of a worry. However, it also means that you won’t be able to sneak a healthy drink in the middle of the night as you might wake up everyone else in the household, or even your neighbors if you’re not too careful.

Even though it has a good list of features, the Braun J500 Spin Juicer still lacks some functionalities that you might see from other juicers. Still, when basing it mostly on its price, its feature list, and the way the unit handles them, is more than satisfactory to deal with.


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