BMW – Trolled by Mercedes on their 100th Birthday

BMW just recently celebrated their 100th birthday but Mercedes had other plans for their celebration. In an Instagram video posted into the @mercedesbenz account, the message states, “Happy 100th birthday @bmw! Here’s to another 100 year of competition.” However, when you play the short video clip, it will read, “Thank you for 100 years of competition. The previous 30 years were actually a bit boring.” So if you’re tired of politicians taking verbal potshots at each other, then why not take on something new? Say, two car manufacturers trolling each other out.

BMW - Trolled by Mercedes on their 100th Birthday

BMW Receives a Happy Birthday Message From Mercedes, But Not the Kind You Would Want

BMW and Mercedes are known automobile giants that have been known to duke it out (not with fists) in the battle for the high-end markets. They have placed billboards and depended on TV commercials to try and beat each other into submission (again, not with fists). With the recent play by Mercedes, it would seem that the war has reached the Internet, more specifically speaking that of social media.

Bayerishe Moteren Werke (BMW) was congratulated for their 100th birthday, and Mercedes did this in the form of a short Instagram video. However, saying something like “the previous years were boring,” could be more of a troll, or maybe even an insult, rather than a congratulatory message.

For the first five seconds of the video, you will be able to see the signature BMW grille, but don’t forget that this was posted by Mercedes-Benz. Before you go “awww…” over the whole message, the next five seconds becomes a mighty blow to their rival’s self-esteem.

Mercedes-Benz was not the only one to congratulate the rival automaker as another German super-performance vehicle maker wants some of the action. Porsche spent a huge sum to place a congratulatory “birthday cake” by way of a newspaper ad and placed it on the front page. It read, “The future presents us with great challenges. We face them with sheer driving pleasure. Porsche bows to 100 years of moving automobile history and wholeheartedly congratulates BMW on this jubilee.” However, in Porsche’s case, this friendlier compared to Mercedes’ Instagram post.

It would also seem that Mercedes is not done with giving hits and blows to BMW. They have offered the staff of their rival company free admission to their museum. This is so that they can discover the complete history of the automobile. It is like showing off all of your sports trophies to your competitors, and you’re not shy about it at all.


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