Who Will Be the Best Digital Signage Company in 2024?

Published: 12 December 2023

There is little doubt that digital signage is powerful. Retailers throughout the world find that when they start using them both footfall and sales increase.

Modern consumers are very strongly influenced by what they see displayed on screens. This is largely because, from an early age, people use screens to uncover important information. As a result, consumers are hard-wired to respond positively to what they see on a digital display.

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But, to benefit fully from this technology retailers and other types of businesses need to invest in the correct digital signage package. Below are the details of  XYZ companies that have a track record for innovation, reliability and good support. The fact they have performed well in these areas for many years means that they are highly likely to continue to do so and be a good option for 2024.

Mandoe Media

Mandoe Media tops our list. This company takes an innovative approach and serves clients across multiple retail sectors. Their drag-and-drop content creation and scheduling system is intuitive to use. It is also extremely easy to keep track of when each ad or promotional video was shown on each screen. Providing retailers with the opportunity to compare this with point-of-sale data for the products being advertised. A process that makes it easy to understand which types of offers specific groups of customers respond to the most. Mandoe Media´s media library is huge, which makes finding the right images and videos a breeze for any company, regardless of the sector it operates in.

Digital Signage

Next on the list is digitalsignage.com. The software can be controlled via Android, Windows, or Mac devices. It is also available via a web browser meaning that ads and promotions can be created or updated from anywhere.

OnSign TV

OnSign TV also allows users to deploy their promotions using Android, Windows, or Mac devices and works on Chrome OS. Multiple users can be added, and it is possible to set things up so that a team can work collaboratively to produce the ad. This is particularly useful for firms that have one person producing the images and another doing the copywriting.


This is a popular platform that enables its users to control everything using a mobile device. Unusually, they also offer phone support for their customers. They also sell a plug-and-play Android player that comes pre-loaded with their software. Each screen the user pays for gets 10GB of cloud-based storage.

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Novisign has clients located across 5 continents. Their package includes the ability to add features like live RSS feeds, local news, and weather. It is a popular option for those retailers who use ad-exchange networks to further monetize their in-store digital screens. Despite this being a complex software package, with lots of features, most users report that it is still easy to understand and use. They also have a reputation for offering good support.

Getting the Most Out of Digital Signage

Buying a decent package is important for businesses, but it is also important that they invest some time and money into training their staff. Those companies that do so are the ones that benefit the most from using digital signage. Their teams are equipped to edit ads on the fly, to make sure that they appeal to the demographics of the people in the store at that specific time. They also know how to use digital signage reports to work out which types of pf promotions and ads generate the most sales. All of this ensures that the cost of using digital signage software is quickly recouped because of higher profits.

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