BATBAND Review : Lets You Hear Your Music And the World Around You

If you haven’t heard about a sleek, ear-free headphones, then introducing the BATBAND. It is an elegant piece of sound technology that allows the user to listen to their favorite music while still being able to listen to the sounds of the world around them. The design of the device creates a high-fidelity acoustic experience while letting the user experience an innovative bone conduction system. Simply put, these are “ear-free” headphones.

BATBAND Review : Lets You Hear Your Music And the World Around You

The BATBAND is an Ear-Free Piece of Sound Technology

The BATBAND works via bone conduction. The device consists of transducers which will emit sound waves perceived by the human “private” inner ear. In other words, it brings music straight to your head. This permits the outer ear to be free at all times, making the user aware of their surroundings at all times, while still being able to listen to their favorite music.

There are a total of 3 transducers found in the BATBAND headset. The 2 transducers will be touching the sides of the head, whereas the other one will be located at the back of the head. The 2 transducers will be placed on the temporal bone and the third one will be at the occipital bone. Since the sound is directly delivered to the head, it is directly inaudible to everyone in the immediate surroundings, except to the user.

Using the headset is not difficult. Just place it around the back of the head, then pair a mobile device with it. It has Bluetooth connectivity, which makes for an easy wireless experience. The device also has touch sensors to help the user control their music. You can listen to your favorite tunes, or discreetly make or take calls.

It is very comfortable to wear despite what others may think due to the position of the device when worn. It fits any lifestyle as it can be used at work, with friends, while playing videogames, in transit, and exercising, all the while keeping your ears free.

The outer frame of the headset is made of a durable spring steel. This ensures a good grip around the back of the head. There is also an inner padded lining that will give the user great comfort and minimal sound leakage.

The BATBAND is easily rechargeable through the use of a cable plugged into a USB port. It does not require any software or updates. It is a plug-and-play device that allows for worry-free music listening.


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