Atlas Wearables Wristband Review – A Personal Coach and Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist

The Atlas Wearables Wristband has features that you won’t normally expect from a fitness tracker. Instead of tracking steps and mileage, it will track exercises. Hence, it tracks bicep curls, squat jumps, and other activities found in its database. It can also measure calories, muscle exertion, repetitions, and heart-rate. Therefore, it’s not just your average fitness tracker, it’s also your personal coach that you will wear on your wrist. While all of these are promising, it does come into the market at quite a hefty price point.

Atlas Wearables Wristband Review - A Personal Coach and Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist

The Atlas Wearables Wristband is Not Your Average Fitness Tracker

For a fitness tracker, the Atlas Wearables Wristband does sport a design that’s far from the norm. It has a main component that is touch capacitive with a single button found on its side. Its “face” is a plastic rectangular dongle and measures in at 0.36 x 2 x 1.2-inches for its dimensions. For its band, it is made out of a solid plastic and silicone. The dongle/face will stay nestled inside thanks to the strong magnetic connection. Therefore, you can do all your burpees without worrying if the wearable will fall apart.

When the two pieces are together, they weigh 1.76-ounces. It’s not practically too heavy for your wrist, but it’s not too light either. Also, while it does promote a bit of comfort, because of the way the dongle sits on your wrist, you won’t forget that it’s there.

Nonetheless, this is designed to be a fitness tracker, and just like similar devices, this is not made to be worn all-throughout the day. Instead, it is made to be worn only when you go to the gym or when you do your exercise routines. Overall, form factor is not a huge deal-breaker. It should also be noted that as of the moment the wearable is only optimized to be worn on the left wrist. However, the company promises a future firmware update for individuals who like to wear watches and other tech on their right wrist.

With the use of the accompanying app, the Atlas Wearables Wristband Fitness Tracker can be put into Freestyle mode. In this mode, it will automatically identify your selected exercises by order of your reps, sets, heart-rate, and total time. You can also place the app and tracker into Coach mode; in this mode, it will then follow a pre-set routine for you to follow. It will then track how well you’re able to keep up with the exercises.

The tracking function on the Atlas Wearables Wristband works almost seamlessly, with only a few times that it will miss on counting reps. However, it may just be telling you that your form on some reps is not good that’s why it didn’t count. Overall, those who are looking to step up their game for their exercise routines should definitely be getting this particular wearable. Despite its high price point, it is definitely worth the acquisition.


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