Are You Ready To Build Your Own Phone

Are You Ready To Build Your Own Phone

How many of us search the internet before finally deciding which new phone should one purchase next? The decision of which phone should buy is link with many considerable factors. Should I choose a smartphone with great camera but the battery is not powerful enough? Or should I choose the one which has great power but doesn’t boast photographic hardware?

Decision takes time indeed, yet in reality all smartphones are phones and phones are intended for communication. However, as technology advances we tend to be choosy of what should our phones will be. It should have this and don’t have that.

How will you like it if you will be able to build your own phone according to your own personal taste? Simply put it this way if you are to cook your smartphones what ingredients should it have to appeal to your own taste?

All is Possible In The Near Future

Imagine the day when you can build your own smartphone when you will be the one to decide what specifications should it have, your phone will no longer be a fixed object rather a flexible object that can be upgraded annually to adopt in technology’s rapid moves, after designing and have paid for it you can even change its configuration? What does it mean? It means that the pieces of your smartphone will come in an individual form which you can constantly change every time change is needed. As it will come in pieces it will be affordable anyone can purchase it one at a time.

The Age Of Modular Gadgets

The world is about to welcome the Age of Modular Gadgets this development is in the works. Rangan Srikhanta, CEO of One Education in Australia, is currently working on the XO-Infinity.

What is XO-Infinity

It is a modular laptop/tablet hybrid in the legacy of the One Laptop Per Child project.

The Objective of XO-Infinity

You can buy one device which can be used to infinity and beyond because unlike current phones which geared with fixed objects the modular gadgets although it is expensive at first but definitely it will save you a lot of money in the long run as you will not need to pay for the whole new device again, all you have to do with your modular gadget is to upgrade the parts that needs upgrading so it can cope with higher demands of technology in the future.

This project will lead to device saving consumption as gadgets and devices users nowadays are always in the search for new features a latest product flagship offers. This is a great project for the future.


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