A New Russian Computer Chip That Will Compete With Intel, AMD & ARM

A New Russian Computer Chip That Will Compete With Intel, AMD & ARM

As a largest country of the world which covers far-reaching topographically diverse territory Russia becomes one of the world’s richest countries in raw materials and many of these raw materials are essential elements for an economy. Russia possesses large reserves for oil and natural gas, it has been accounted that 20 percent of the world’s oil and gas production is in Russia.

Undoubtedly, Russia’s abundance flowing endlessly as nature have provided them well. In terms of energy Russia is virtually self-sufficient that is why they can also export fuel in large-scale. Apart from sustainable energy Russia is also abundant and possesses rich reserves with non-fuel mineral like iron ore, manganese, chromium, nickel, platinum, titanium, copper, tin, lead, tungsten, diamonds, phosphates, and gold, and the forests of Siberia contain an estimated one-fifth of the world’s timber, mainly conifers. Russia’s richness is unimaginable.

Russia also boasts its own premium high end tanks and fighter jets. Do you ever wonder what Russia doesn’t have? With unimaginable richness Russia might have everything yet there is one important product Russia doesn’t have. What is it? The one particular product Russia fully depend on western countries is the computer chips.

Yet the world changes speedily and with Russia’s resources it is capable of competing with computer chip manufacturers since the computer chip market is led by US companies like Intel and AMD and British ARM there will another CPU and it comes from Russia – the newest Russian CPU is called Elbrus-4C.


Unlike its predecessor the Elbrus 2C+, this newest CPU is capable of competing to modern desktop and server CPU the market leader competitors offers. Elbrus ISA a proprietary architecture is what this Russian computer chip used. More than that the PC’s which runs with Elbrus is compatible with most desktop software because it features x86.


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