7 App Categories to Consider for Your Mac and iPhone

Published: 16 December 2021Updated: 26 February 2024

As someone who owns a MacBook or an iPhone, you have access to a plethora of great applications. Many experienced Apple device users will tell you that the App Store is one of the biggest advantages of getting a Mac or an iPhone for yourself.

Since the popularity of Apple devices is growing, so is the demand for new applications. In addition, even the developers of the most popular apps need to continue updating them. The competition that could potentially overtake an established app developer keeps one on their toes.

Having said all that, let’s take a look at some of the most popular app categories for iOS and macOS and find out which applications are the best in each of the categories.

Security and Privacy

Let’s start with security and privacy. Given how many threats one can encounter online, it is necessary to have multiple security layers. Built-in tools help, as do modern internet browsers that detect and warn users about a potential threat, but they are not necessarily enough.

Virtual private networks are a good example of how you can and should use a service to boost privacy and security online, particularly when you have to use public networks.

Password managers are also worth a shout. If you want to create different passwords for different online profiles, it might be difficult to manage and remember all the details. As such, 1Password could be a solid option.

Media Editing

Despite the fact that both iOS and macOS offer some built-in media editing tools, these basic apps do not provide all the features that you might need.

Affinity Photo, Gimp, Pixelmator, and HandBrake are some of the best examples of superior media editing applications you should consider.

Of course, if you are not serious about learning video or photo editing, or you find all the features in built-in applications, you can stick to those. It is just that when you are thinking about taking things to the next level, doing so without advanced editing applications can be quite challenging. 

Cleanup and Storage

Running out of storage is a common issue. Ending up with a few gigabytes of free space will lead to significant performance issues, such as random crashes, freezes, and so on.

Dropbox and iCloud are some of the standout options as far as storage improvements go. You can transfer files from your device to clouds, and both of these services offer a few gigabytes of storage for free. And if you want, you can also subscribe to a monthly or a yearly plan and gain additional space.

In case you wish to clean up your MacBook’s drive from temporary system storage and other junk data, you should get a cleanup utility tool. According to this page, CleanMyMac X is the go-to option right now.


Having access to a smartphone or a computer offers you a plethora of different forms of entertainment. Sure, one could argue that macOS falls a bit short behind Windows in some entertainment aspects, most notably, video games. 

However, you can still find plenty of great video games that run on a MacBook on Steam or GOG. And other than video games, you can also:

  • Listen to music on Spotify (click here if you’re having an issue Airpods won’t connect to Mac)
  • Watch movies and TV shows on Netflix
  • Use an internet browser and check out Twitch TV or YouTube

Different people prefer different types of entertainment, so you should probably go with something that you enjoy. At the same time, you might become bored of doing the same thing over and over, and exploring new options could be worth a try. Since there are so many different forms of entertainment, you should not hesitate and see what you can find on your iPhone or MacBook.


Interface changes are not something that everyone would be interested in because they are fine with the default setup. However, it might still be worth it to see what customizations you can do.

For one, Magnet, an app for a MacBook, lets you keep the workspace on the computer organized as it allows you to view multiple windows side by side. 


If you use your devices for work and wish to improve the overall productivity, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the available applications.

Tracking time, receiving and sending reminders, taking notes, finding information, communicating with others, and other processes you can do on a computer or a smartphone can often be optimized by automation or other means. And it just so happens that macOS and iOS have a plethora of tools that boost your productivity.

Social Media

Once you want to relax and spend some time mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed, you can open Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another social media platform using native applications for them.


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