Hulu on Oculus Quest

Published: 13 August 2021Updated: 7 September 2023

Currently, it is not possible to get the Hulu VR app on Oculus Quest. Though it offers apps for plenty of other streaming services, Hulu is no longer available on the virtual reality platform.

The Hulu VR app initially emerged as one of the Oculus community’s favorite apps, but Hulu has since ended support for many VR headsets, not just Oculus Quest. Watching content from producers like National Geographic is something all VR users should experience at least once. But since mid-2020, the Oculus Rift and Oculus Gear VR are the only two headsets that allow access to Hulu movies, news, original series, gaming events and more fun video content.

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Previously, VR headset models such as PlayStation VR and Oculus Go allowed users to explore streaming apps like Hulu and watch their favorite movies and TV shows. But now, both Oculus Go and PlayStation VR don’t offer this option.

Currently, Rift is the only premium VR headset device that supports the Hulu app.

What Are the Alternatives to Hulu on Quest?


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The closest alternative to Hulu on Oculus Quest is Netflix. It is currently one of a handful of streaming services offering premium content on VR devices. All VR addicts have to do to watch movies, news, live TV and other video content is to download the Netflix VR app, log in and start watching.

The one benefit of picking this option to consume news, TV and movie titles, and other supported content through VR headsets is that, unlike Hulu, this streaming service supports many other VR headsets.

Sling TV

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Sling TV is a great cord-cutting option not just for everyday online consumers but also for VR junkies. The most expensive subscription package costs $45 per month, but Sling does offer a free trial option so you can try out the service before committing.

Most of all, Oculus Go and Quest both support Sling TV via the Oculus TV application.

Oculus TV

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The official app for Oculus Go and Quest costs nothing and enables support for a variety of premium video offerings from different streaming services. Oculus TV can pull all the best titles from platforms such as Facebook Watch, Red Bull TV, Fox Now, Sling TV and other streaming platforms.

Its program search feature comes in handy for consumers who like to read forum posts and comments to find out which applications are best suited for Rift or any other VR models that support streaming sites like Hulu.

YouTube VR

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YouTube VR is another great option for Quest headsets and gear. This free service is supported by almost all of the top VR models.

YouTube VR also comes with 3D videos taken from various historical locations and nature zones around the world. The Quest interface makes it fairly straightforward for VR users to find something to watch. It includes full 360-degree videos and spatial audio—features any VR junkie would appreciate for enhanced viewing pleasure.

Overall, it’s a must-have for VR enthusiasts looking for an alternative to the Hulu application.

The Bottom Line: Accessing Hulu and Other Streaming Services Via Oculus Quest

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Whether demand for the Hulu VR app will rise in the future remains unclear. It is entirely possible that VR users will not get to see the Hulu VR app on a VR headset again. But don’t be surprised if Hulu and Oculus strike a straight deal and Oculus Quest gets on the supported VR headset list.

Until then, VR enthusiasts can do two things: Hope for the new app to come into the market quickly and continue to fill that gap with other streaming apps (via VR browser search menus) in the meantime.

As user stats and forum comments indicate, any app that allows VR users to avail Hulu is setting itself up for fast growth and profit. For that to happen quickly, Hulu and Oculus would have to give third-party developers permission to access relevant APIs and development kits.

FAQ: Hulu VR App on Oculus Quest

Does Oculus Quest Have Hulu?

As of August 2021, Quest does not have the Hulu application. You can see that it’s currently missing from Hulu’s list of supported devices.

Why Is Hulu Not on Quest?

Hulu previously supported Quest headsets, but it ended that support in 2020. That’s why Hulu is not on Quest.

Can I Watch Hulu in VR?

Yes, VR equipment owners can stream Hulu in VR, assuming their headsets are supported.

Is the Oculus Quest Obsolete?

Quest headsets are not obsolete per se, but Facebook comes out with a new model almost every year. Hence, the market is somewhat similar to smartphone devices. Even though newer models come out every year with better hardware and software, it’s still possible to keep features rolling with the old ones.



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