Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review – More Designing Fun, Less of the Friends

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer does so much but it does many of these in the right direction. It has revamped the control systems and can be said is in the best of the series so far. It has the bright, imaginative design that we can see from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Furthermore, it eliminates the luck and tedious tasks of earning some of the franchise’s exceptionally rare items. However, even though there are a lot of things that can be marveled in this game, it lacks depth and has an overall unrewarding experience.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review - More Designing Fun, Less of the Friends

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is More of Creative Canvas Than a Traditional Game

It would be more apt to compare Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer with Art Academy than New Leaf because of its design elements. Your in-game job of designing your home is not a job to pay off the debt but it is a customary feature. Hence, players may feel that designing your own house within the game is more than an excuse rather than a rewarding experience.

Your substantial catalog of items that you start the game with will grow larger as you progress through the game. The game does cover an excellent search function for your mass array of items that you’ll be accumulating. For example, typing “blue” or “chair” onto the bottom screen will display all the items within the catalog that will fit the description of a “blue chair.”

The games uses the 3DS’ touchscreen with new ways that even New Leaf did not attempt. You are able to pick up and move items around at will, all with the use of the handheld gaming console’s stylus. There is a side option that will allow players to customize the color and design of some items. Also, tapping into each one will turn them around in different directions.

In other Animal Crossing games, designing your home was more of a rewarding experience rather than it being an objective. For long time fans of the franchise, do know that you will be able to design to your heart’s content. But what’s next after that? There is none. This is where the game fails miserably as it lacks depth. Once you’ve acquired all the items you want for your home, then designed your abode accordingly, then there’s practically nothing left to do.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has that certain initial thrill of making you want to create your in-game home. Players may just wish that there was something more to the game other than that.


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