All is Lost Review – An Endless Runner That’s Not What it Seems

All is Lost is an endless runner that does not feel like one. Why? Because in this game, there is a definite end. Unlike the likes of Temple Run, The Pit, or Alto’s Adventure, this particular mobile game has a finish line. But what makes this game stand out from others is that players will be presented with a series of commands to be pulled off in a quick pace to get to the end of each level. You should then be able to think on your feet most of the time, otherwise you will meet your untimely demise. However, it is already fair to say from this point on that the learning curve is so steep that you will die a lot.

All is Lost Review - An Endless Runner That's Not What it Seems

The All is Lost Has an Unforgivable Learning Curve

Why is All is Lost so brutal in terms of difficulty? It is because you won’t just take charge of one character, but several. You will answer to the distress calls from spaceships found across the galaxy, and each one of them is one the verge of destruction. Despite their obvious poor management skills, those spaceships are still littered with people that are looking for an escape path, which is where you come in.

Controls are of the swiping and tapping nature, wherein you will have to clear a path for an exit for all of your sakes. You will also have to leap over gaps and swipe to jump over or slide under obstacles that are in your way to safety.

Much like what other endless runners present, you will run from left to right in an automatic fashion. There are a ton of hazards presented to you in each level and are placed in unforgivable locations at times. There are lots of times that these obstacles present precision timing for you to jump or slide across safely.

The key to success in All is Lost (iOS) is to combine inputs on both sides of the screen at the same time. Doing so will make sure that you don’t swipe too late or too early. While it is simple to say, it can be extremely hard to do, especially when the game throws the obstacles at you in quick succession wherein it might leave you rattled enough to lose your pacing.

Although based off the gameplay behind a whole lot of endless runners in the App Store, All is Lost presents itself as a short and sharp game. It is an addictive adventure that is played in short bursts. However, even if it is played in short spans of time, it will demand your full attention and concentration, so do be warned.


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