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In Ultimate Briefcase, you play the role of a rudimentary office worker going back from the office and hopefully get on back home to grab a cold one, watch a movie, get dinner, and rest to prepare for the next day. But it’s not like that; in this game, while you’re casually strolling about, you will be rained down upon by a bunch of missiles in the sky. Hence, from that concept, you would know this is a survival-type mobile game, one of which is a joy to play for short bursts (no pun intended).

Ultimate Briefcase: Super Briefcase II Review - Not Just Your Day

The Ultimate Briefcase: Super Briefcase II Presents Itself as a Wild Idea Turned Into a Brilliant Game

Once you press the start button on Ultimate Briefcase, you will see your character walking home while casually checking out his mobile phone. After he slips on a banana peel, all hell seems to have broken loose. The city is set ablaze, and bombs and missiles begin to rain down from the sky. It is then your job to make sure that your digital worker is kept safe from impending doom.

But not all of the missiles bring pain and death to your character as there are some specially marked ones that do help you out by providing you with extras and powerups that would help you in surviving the onslaught. For instance, a blue colored missile will drop same-colored orbs onto the ground. These orbs, when picked up, will start to fill up a bar on the left side of the screen. Once the bar is filled, a new button will appear at the bottom of the screen to make you use (you guessed it) your briefcase.

After all, it wouldn’t be called Ultimate Briefcase: Super Briefcase II for nothing. Upon using your container of office documents, you will be able to block small missiles for a limited amount of time. There are larger missiles which you should avoid at all costs, even with your “shield” over your head.

Controls are fairly simple as you are only limited to a left and right motion for your character. But this is by no means that the game is not fun. It brings much excitement that has an “edge-of-your-seat” kind of appeal. There are even missiles that drop coins which, when picked up, can accumulate and can be spent on the shop for upgrades or new characters.

However, Ultimate Briefcase can get extremely repetitive over time and should just be enjoyed with short bursts of playtime rather than long hours of play. As such, if you’re waiting for the bus to arrive, or waiting for someone to meet, whip out your device and play this for a while.


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