AKG N60 Review – Aimed for Those Who Love the Outdoors

The AKG N60 are clearly made for people who are always on-the-go. They are portable, features active noise cancellation technology, and are also lightweight. The noise cancellation feature helps drown out ambient noise, and they work pretty well. They are able to remove distractions such as annoyingly loud conversation while commuting, or even the rumbling of a plane engine.

AKG N60 Review - Aimed for Those Who Love the Outdoors

The AKG N60 Provides Above Average Noise Cancellation

The AKG N60 has a price tag that is not your average impulse buy, that is, of course, when you don’t mind spending a lot from your paycheck. It is a pair of closed-back on-ears that are worth its expensive price.

Once you pick it out of its box, you will immediately notice how incredibly light it is. It weighs only 150-grams, which is considerably a lot less heft than a lot of its rivals such as the Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones. Aside from being lightweight, they’re also comfortably small as well. They can easily fit somewhere inside your rucksack without causing too much trouble.

The N60 Headphone is the successor the AKG K 495 NC, but now with a sleeker, high-end design. There is a leather-covered headband and also an aluminum metal trim and black metal that can be found on the earcups. This design choice is like the understated, minimalist choice which makes it stand out less in the crown apart from wearing Beats headphones.

Perhaps the most impressive design feature it has is how it can be more compact than it already us. You are able to fold the earcups and hinges into its body. This will sink its overall size to roughly the same length as a water bottle. When folding it up, it will then easily slip into a zip-up pouch (which is included in the standard packaging).

But how do they sound? To start, it is able to deliver a bold sound performance. Its audio profile is one that is full-bodied with focus on the bass, more specifically the mid-bass region. The signature is then complemented by a surprisingly smooth treble. Audiophiles will be happy to know that the vocals won’t be too overpowered.

When you have the AKG N60, it does offer everything you would ever want from a set of headphones that you would want to take on your travels. It has a portable design and an impressive noise cancellation technology which automatically makes it a top-pick for people who are always out-and-about.


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