Oppo PM-3 Review – Highly Unusual, But Worth Every Penny

Out of the box, the Oppo PM-3 are a pair of highly unusual headphones. Why? Because they look like a pair of Beats Studio headphones but made to be more sophisticated-looking. Furthermore, the headphones have a completely different driver in them. It has planar magnetic drivers that are normally seen in other, more expensive headphones out on the market. Therefore, this makes it one of the more affordable, if not the most affordable planar magnetic headphones that you can own.

Oppo PM-3 Review - Highly Unusual, But Worth Every Penny

The Oppo PM-3 Brings Itself as Part of the Best Portable Headphones Ever Made

If you want portability and extreme comfort, then take the design choice of the Oppo PM-3 into account. These are closed-back, over-ear models which means they are naturally larger than other headphones on the market. However, Oppo manages to make the headphones consciously so the earcups are not insanely large. Hence, it avoids the scenario of a headphone being too large to wear outside. The earcups and the headband do not stick out too far from your head.

On the earcups, there are aluminum caps and chunky black leather-style pads. This adds to the premium look for the headphone. With the price that you have to shell out to get the unit, you would immediately think that it is all made with high-end material. However, those high-end design features are only placed when you’ll notice it the most. For the main frame, it is only made with plastic, and there are “premium-looking” areas that are actually made with faux leather.

For its price, the faux leather is not the best material to go to. It can make your ears heat up quite a bit, even more so during hot weather. However, they do provide a decent level of comfort when being worn.

As for its sound quality, the PM-3 does not lack in the bass department, but there’s no bloating found on the lower mids. This is the sound equivalent of the bloat you feel after a really good meal. In other words, it sounds really satisfying without being overly abusive. Vocals sound incredibly natural because the mid-range found on your favorite tracks are well-rendered.

Even though the price tag and the use of non-premium materials will make a skeptic out of you, the Oppo PM-3 delivers where it counts. Audio performance is stunning and comfort levels are more than satisfactory. Overall, this may be one of the best portable headphones that you can own.


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