A Remarkable Kind Of Ink That Can Turn An Electronic Apparel Into Reality

A Remarkable Kind Of Ink That Can Turn An Electronic Apparel Into Reality

Apart from immerse development in the field of information and communication technology, there are also an increasing numbers of new discoveries and inventions that can be a useful tool to develop new things which will lead to economic boost.

 One of the many new things develop is an ink which supposedly canbe printed on textiles in a single step to form highly conductive and stretchable connections. This new development is from the researchers of the University of Tokyo.

 The newly developed ink is capable of enabling an electronic apparel that includes a sportswear and underwear incorporating sensing devices for measuring a range of biological indicators such as heart rate and muscle contraction.

 With the use of this functional ink, the researchers created a wrist-band muscle activity sensor by printing an elastic conductor on a sportswear material and combining it with an organic transistor amplifier circuit. On the other hand the sensor can measure muscle activity by detecting muscle electrical potentials over an area of 4×4 square cms with nine electrodes placed two centimetres apart in a 3×3 grid.

 Led Researcher Professor named Takao Someya, said that, “Our team aims to develop comfortable wearable devices. This ink was developed as part of this endeavour,” he added that, “the biggest challenge was obtaining high conductivity and stretchability with a simple one-step printing process.”

 Transistors, for instance, LED and solar panels are some kinds of current printed electronics. These can be printed on a plastic or paper however it can be hard. Therefore, what was proven after the experiment is that it is difficult to make an ink that is both highly conductive and elastic without a complicated multi-step printing process.

 The functional new ink is composed of a silver flakes, organic solvent, fluorine rubber and fluorine surfactant and exhibits high conductivity even when it is stretched to more than three times its original length.

 Someya said that, “we were able to achieve this by use of a surfactant that allowed the silver flakes to self-assemble at the surface of the printed pattern, ensuring high conductivity.”


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