A New Method Of Drug Testing Have Been Developed

A New Method Of Drug Testing Have Been Developed

A new technique to test a certain person if it is positive with prohibited drugs such as cocaine can be done by analyzing a fingerprint. This technique is develop by researchers at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.


  • The latest drug testing method developed is far too different compared to the exiting method, with the new method it can actually detect if one particular person have consumed the drugs or just held it.
  • Another significant difference between the two methods is that the old method is limited, which usually requires a specialist staff and off-site analysis. On the other hand the new technique entails to make things easier.
  • Aside from the fact that this method is invasive, it is also hygienic and most importantly this new method if use is impossible to fake, as it identifies human’s unique fingerprint.

This new method however is not yet ready for mass introduction not to mention volume release. This is a great development in line with drug testing as this test will automatically provide accurate result.

Several law enforcement agencies will surely benefit from this development as drug testing is a common practice in courts and even prisons this new technique will surely expedite process and ruling.


Drugs were definitely metabolize by the body thus and so it will then excreted in the same body as well. When the (new method) drug testing takes place it makes use of mass spectrometry to analyze patient fingerprints if there are traces of chemicals methylecgonine and benzoylecgonine, it means that the subject have consumed prohibited drugs.

A beam of solvent is sprayed onto the slide, this particular technique is also called as Desorption Electrospray Ionisation (DESI) the same method is also used with other forensic applications in the past, this time however will be the first time which it will be used for drug testing, this process is done to trace fingerprint residues

Within the next ten years the team envision that this new method will be used by law enforcement agencies as a portable drug test.

With this development Dr. Melanie Bailey from the University of Surrey said, “We are only bound by the size of the current technology. Companies are already working on miniaturized mass spectrometers, and in the future portable fingerprint drugs tests could be deployed,” she also added that “This will help to protect the public and indeed provide a much safer test for drug users.”


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