A Look at the All-Turbo Porsche 911, Electric Mission E Concept

A Look at the All-Turbo Porsche 911, Electric Mission E Concept

At the recent Frankfurt Auto Show that was held on Monday, the concept car Porsche 911, Electric Mission E was unveiled to the public. While the car is still in its concept stages, many would already like to see this beauty turn into a reality.

The concept car was shown endowed with a clean, white color and can be called Mission E for short. As the name suggests, it is purely electronic. This is the electric sports car of the future as Porsche has envisioned. The automobile’s design looks like a cross between a 911, a Panamera, and a 918. Many have no problems according to the design. In fact, a lot of people liked the concept’s look.

The Porsche 911, Electric Mission E Concept is The Car of The Future

The car manufacturer shows that the Porsche 911, Electric Mission E is powered by an 800-volt drive system. It is good for 600 horsepower to be sent in all four wheels of the vehicle. The Mission E also comes with synchronous motors, to which the company stated, are “permanently excited.” This will power the car at all times and immediately recover braking energy. The car also comes with an all-wheel steering system. Said system was revealed to clock a 3.5 second 60 mile per hour sprint. Furthermore, the all-wheel steering allows the car to take only 12 seconds to get up to about 124 miles per hour.

The concept car that is the Porsche 911 Mission E is said to travel at approximately 500 kilometers or about 310 miles on a single charge. An 80 percent “battery life” would take approximately just 15 minutes to charge. This is due to Porsche doubling the voltage of the car to 800. This new voltage rate created the advantage of shortening charging times and even lowering the whole weight of the vehicle. The lighter weight is due to the fact that it can now use smaller-gauge cables when energy transport is required.

There are also other charging options revealed for the Porsche 911, Electric Mission E. It can be charged via a 400-volt quick-charging session, or the battery life can also be replenished at home through induction. The battery of the Mission E is not your average car battery as it runs the entire length of the vehicle from the front to the rear axles. While incredibly large than your conventional car battery, one of its main advantages is that it distributes weight across the entire car evenly. This also keeps a low center of gravity.


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