Sony Fixed the PlayStation 4’s Hardware Quirks With Its New Model

Sony Fixed the PlayStation 4's Hardware Quirks With Its New Model

When the PlayStation 4 was released about 2 years ago, many gamers immediately fell in love with Sony’s new gaming console, but it was not perfect. There were loud noises being emitted at times which made gamers feared for the worst (when in fact, nothing is wrong with the device). There are also the hyper-sensitive buttons that eject the disc inside the machine at the slightest provocation. This can get pretty annoying especially when you’re in the middle of a game and the disc suddenly decides to eject due to something “seemingly” pressing the eject button.

The Latest PlayStation 4 Fixes Those Annoying Hardware Issues

Back in June 2015, Sony had announced that they were making a smaller but more efficient model of the PlayStation 4. Along with this, the company made the surface of the console to sport a matte finish instead of the initial glossy cover the original one had. While many do not find the new matte finish to be particularly exciting, the new hardware specs certainly make up for that.

Under the hood of the new Sony PlayStation, there is a new CUH-1200 system that will make the home gaming console significantly quieter than its 2-year older brother. Sony also claims that the power is more efficient and they also ditched the annoying incredibly touch-sensitive buttons located at the gaming console’s cover. Those buttons are now replaced with sensible mechanical ones so gamers won’t have to worry about their disc suddenly popping out of their machine with no idea as to how it happened.

Initial testing of the new model for the 4th generation PlayStation had seen, or rather heard that the new machine produces hardware sounds that are 12-decibels quieter than the original. Furthermore, running the gaming device presented to be 30 watts more efficient. Lastly, since those buttons are replaced with mechanical versions, users will be enthralled to know that there will be a “clicking” sound every time they are pressed.

While everything about this new PlayStation sounds great, initial reports state that the new update to the home console found out that it will run a couple of degrees hotter than its predecessor. This can be due to the fewer memory modules found in the motherboard, which is the reason for the greater power efficiency.

The new PlayStation 4 is already out in the United States and there are already special editions that have accompanied with its release. An example would be the “The Last of Us” bundle.


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