9th Dawn II Review – An Open World Mobile Action RPG

9th Dawn II is an RPG with an open world action. There are three job classes that the player can choose from at the beginning, and after finishing the short tutorial, the game character will be put in a little town.

9th Dawn II Review - An Open World Mobile Action RPG

There Aren’t Many Open-World Games for the Mobile Platform Like 9th Dawn II

There is a main story involving some horrid piece of work called Hydra Dragon, but unlike the first 9th Dawn game, the story revolves in the player’s finding his own adventures; finding treasures, defeating monsters, exploring plenty of caves, finding keeps, random shacks, and as well as campsites.

For the first quest, it will be showed to the player and incase he cannot find the shortest way to the cave, an NPC will is waiting to lead the way. The player can either finish the first quest quickly or can just wander off and do what he wants to.

There are a few noticeable improvements and additions to the game. The character can now jump, and that is something very useful inside the dungeons. At times, the game might get frustrating especially when the character keeps on falling into the abyss. The all-purpose hand icon works a lot smoother here than in the previous version, and there aren’t many interactive objects lying around so it is less likely to accidentally click on any unneeded objects.

A virtual stick is used to move around when controlling your character in the second installment to 9th Dawn; attacking in the game works similarly to the first game and a second virtual stick will guide the direction of the attack. Switching between weapons or bouncing between spells is really handy because there are a lot of hot-key buttons which the player can fill.

One of the aspects of the user interface that has been seriously is the improved hand button. The game has still a handful of weird ways of doing things compared to the other games, but activities such as selling large quantities, emptying treasure chests, or comparing item stats are more stress-free to do than in the first game.

The overall presentation of the game is somewhat a bit better than the previous game; it has more detailed background, characters, and some excellent music. Some aspects of the game may still look a little simplistic, but the player can get used to it after a while.

There are quite a few things that makes 9th Dawn II worth playing up for RPG fans; the basic movement and control of the character feels good, the player can go anywhere he wants in the map if he is strong enough to survive, and the complexity of the dungeons and puzzles in the game makes the game worth the play.


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