NASA Spots a UFO and Cuts Away Video Feed

nasaMost people, if not all, would agree that NASA isn’t exactly the most forthcoming organization when it comes to revealing details about their operations.

That also seems to be the case in a video that has been posted on YouTube (and for sure elsewhere too) in which we can see a strange object (maybe it wasn’t a UFO but who knows) in Earth’s orbit.

It seemed like NASA didn’t want to share the video with the world.

So let’s dig in a bit deep shall we?

So here is the video that has been making the rounds lately.

So the obvious question that arises is, “is that a UFO or not?”.

It is safe to assume that the answer of NASA to this question would be along the lines of “No, absolutely not.

ufc or notIt is probably one of those conspiracy theories.”

It is no secret that NASA is heavily investing in its technology to monitor the earth’s atmosphere and the solar system to a degree that has never been seen before.

Whether it be isolated spots on earth, or the space surrounding the earth’s atmosphere or Mars.

And let’s not count out Jupiter as well given recent developments.

So now, the chances of NASA actually picking up a UFO signal are more than ever.

And that is one of the reasons why every few months or weeks, we hear breaking news (on the internet mind you) where NASA is said to have seen or collected some UFO debris and further indications of alien life.

To understand this UFO YouTube video, you need to understand how NASA was able to get this video.

The answer is very straightforward, from our perspective at least.

NASA used data from a program called High Definition Earth Viewing that is present on ISS (International Space Station).

StreetCap1, who made and posted the video on YouTube, recently posted video shows a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) that looked like it was heading straight towards the landmass of planet earth from space.

The YouTube further added that the video was interesting because the camera was cut off as soon as the UFO stopped moving and seemed to come to a standstill.

Now, for the ultra-excited, the video doesn’t of that object does not guarantee a UFO. It could easily be a something like a meteor. Yes, a meteor.

Did you know that numerous meteors enter the earth atmosphere on a regular basis? Sometimes they just pass earth by, other times they enter the atmosphere and leave again.

Other times, they crash into earth and do some serious damage.

The video, on the other hand, has been posted on various social media outlets several times and as usual, people who have seen the video, are implying that NASA seems to be (or at the least trying to) hiding something. Something they don’t want the general public to see or know about.

NASA did explain, however, when asked by various media correspondents, that the video was from their High Definition Earth Viewing experiment, as mentioned before, and the experiment requires numerous HD video cameras to aim at earth and record.

NASA spokesperson also said the experiment is automated for the most part. That is, a human does not cut off or start a video feed.

A computer cycles through different cameras by following specific instructions that have already been fed to the computer.

So, according to NASA, there is no human intervention as far as controlling the experiment is concerned.

What that means is that no one consciously took the decision to cut the video short at the very sight of a UFO.

It was a coincidence that as soon as the UFO seemed to stop, the computer switched to another camera.

That explanation can be considered plausible. NASA also explained the “technical difficulties” error by stating that sometimes the station goes out of range and is unable to send or receive any video from Tracking and Data Relay Satellites.

That results in loss of video and therefore the cameras show a blue video or something similar.

NASA spokesperson also said that incidences like these (the video cutting off randomly) happen quite frequently, and anyone who wants proof of this should make use of NASA apps and watch the live feed for a couple of hours and witness the video cuts because of range issues.

In an answer to the question as to why was the feed cut off at precisely the same moment as the UFO was in the frame, the NASA spokesperson said that they could be several answers.

That UFO could be common things such as moon reflections or debris reflections from the windows of ISS (International Space Station).

He said even lights from Earth sometimes appear in videos and photos that are collected and analyzed in the orbiting space laboratory.

Whatever the case might be, one thing is for sure, NASA, not for lack of trying, always manages to make headlines about mysterious things and not explaining them very well.

For once, people would actually like to see a giant monster or a violent alien race coming from space to harm the residents of earth.

Such has been the effect of Hollywood science fiction film industry.

Regular readers might be able to recall the incidence where a photo taken by Mars Curiosity rover was interpreted by some in the social media circle, to be a picture of an alien woman present on Mars itself.

Later the same rumor was quashed, as is mostly the case, by concerned officials and experts on NASA operations.

Perhaps it is safe to assume that the object wasn’t some alien race trying to board planet earth but was actually a reflection (as the NASA spokesperson explained) or some meteor passing the earth’s atmosphere.

Hats off to NASA for always being the voice of reason and logic.

Otherwise, they could easily cash in on all the rumors by simply spicing up the news stories and keeping people on the edge of their seats by playing along and foretelling an impending alien attack.


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