3DR Solo Drone Review – Smarter, More Advanced, and More Capable Than Many Other Traditional Quadcopters

The 3DR Solo Drone aims to bring quadcopter flying into a new era. With its design, hardware specs, and list of features, the entire package screams new generation as it delivers better technology than many other traditional drones in general.

3DR Solo Drone Review - Smarter, More Advanced, and More Capable Than Many Other Traditional Quadcopters

The 3DR Solo Drone is Different Than Your Traditional Quadcopter in More Ways Than One

Basic quadcopters should probably take note of the 3DR Solo Drone as there are many things that make this particular flyer very different from your traditional design and architecture. To start, it contains dual 1 GHz Linux computers, in which that alone makes it entirely new and different from most traditional drones in the market. These computers are found in the controller and in the drone itself. The benefit of using these dual CPUs is that all commands and functions can be processed at a faster rate. Furthermore, users won’t experience lagging or “bogging down” when flying it.

As far as battery capacity goes, the 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone carries a 14.8V LiPo 5,200 mAh battery cell and it is a pretty respectable one. Users are able to get approximately 25-minutes of flight time with it without using its on-board camera, and approximately 20-minutes of flying when using its camera and gimbal. The flight time may look pretty short, but for a quadcopter, that’s already pretty decent.

Speaking of its gimbal, it has a 3-Axis Solo Gimbal that is already included right out of the standard packaging. Furthermore, it does work well, as it should be. It should also be noted that its gimbal system is swappable as you can easily replace it with another gimbal system that suits your needs.

Another feature that immediately separates the 3DR Solo from many other drones in the market is it has a flight simulator app that can be downloaded to your mobile device. Therefore, you can test out flying the virtual drone first to practice your skills before taking the quadcopter for a flight realistically. Also, this makes for a perfect way to practice without crashing the device all the time, which is especially great if you’re new to the who drone flying experience.

There are also many other features and hardware specs to note of the 3DR Solo Drone that makes it special than your average quadcopter. For its price, it is definitely worth the money. There are other quadcopters in the market that have similar price tags as that of the 3DR Solo, so it might make you wonder why settle for the normal ones when you can have a drone that has more advanced features, right?


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