2016 Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V Review – Bringing Back the Fun

The 2016 Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V might be just another entry in the compact sedan segment but with stiff competition this area, companies need to create a car that has a “killer app” that could make it stand out among the many others. With Mazda topping the segment with its fun and enthusiastic Mazda 3, Toyota decided to bring back the spring in the Corolla’s step the result is a throwback to the original Corolla of the 80’s that combines reliability, agility, and responsiveness.

2016 Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V Review - Bringing Back the Fun

Pulling Out All the Stops With the 2016 Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V

The front end of the 2016 Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V is sharp, so sharp that the front grille resembles a three-bladed razor meant to deliver a close shave. The overall design of the front fascia is busy with merging lines such as the grille blending in with the headlight elements, and nice subtle angles to add muscle to the aerodynamic front end. The side profile goes from smooth to edgy with a nice angular Hofmeister kink at the C pillar to add some BMW vibe to the already gorgeous Altis. At the rear the blending element theme continues as the rear turn signal and back up lights merge with a chrome garnish just above the licence plate holder. Under the hood is a 2.0 4 cylinder with Toyota’s dual VVT-i technology that offers fuel economy at low revs and outstanding performance at higher revs, not to mention a more aggressive engine note. This is mated to a 6 speed CVT with manual shift ability via paddles on the wheel.

The sporty exterior of the 2016 Altis 2.0 V is contrasted with a sedate interior with a little bit of racy touches here and there such as subtle faux carbon fiber trim. The seats are bolstered well at the sides that gives you lateral grip when cornering. This being a Corolla, rear leg and headroom are above average and are comfortable. Trunk space is also decent for its class.

Driving performance of the 2016 Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V breathes fresh air into the rather boring Corollas of the past decade. Toyota brings back the agility and fun driving experience of the old school Corolla. The dual VVT-i engine delivers peak torque at a low 3600rpm giving optimum engine response with little to no lag. Toyota also did a good job with the suspension as it offers sporty feedback while also balanced to be comfortable at low speeds when cruising in the city. If sporty handling compact cars continue to be a trend in the future then I hope Toyota perfects this formula and completely revive the classic Corolla of the 80’s beginning with the 2016 Corolla Altis.


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