2016 Jaguar XF S Review – The Cat Has Landed on All Fours

The 2016 Jaguar XF S is a welcoming return of the British car manufacturer who has humbly stayed in the sidelines ever since its luxury vehicle rivals took the scene some two decades ago. Fortunately, the large cat has landed safely on all fours into market, and it is one stray feline that you wouldn’t mind adopting.

2016 Jaguar XF S Review - The Cat Has Landed on All Fours

The 2016 Jaguar XF S Makes for a Welcoming Comeback of the Car Manufacturer

The 2016 Jaguar XF S is equipped with a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that is able to deliver 340 or 380kW of power (more on the difference later) and also 332Nm of torque. The engine is mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It has a fuel economy of 20 MPG city, 30 MPG highway, and 24 MPG combined.

This Jaguar is poised for success as it allows the company to re-enter the 21st century market. It comes with a fresh array of features, and a restructured design as it features an all-new architecture. This new design can even be deemed as something better than what has been built around its predecessors.

To start, the new platform is approximately 75-percent aluminum. This switch to aerospace-grade metal helps shed off the flab which was found in earlier models. This rear-wheel-drive vehicle has shed off 130-pounds which means it is headed for a healthier direction. There are also other changes and the complexity of four-season traction even assisted the vehicle in shedding more weight. Overall, it lifted about 260-pounds of heaviness.

Thanks to this weight reduction, the Jaguar XF S is now 28-percent stiffer than before, which means that it does help (somewhat) to improving driving dynamics and refinement, packaging, and crash safety.

The aforementioned V6 engine comes in two different potencies. The standard model will come with 340kW of power whereas customers who want to get more (but would, of course, have to pay more) can get extra power of 380kW for the vehicle.

Staying true to the company’s famous driving performance for their vehicles, the XF S even has “cat-like” reflexes. Even though this is a large sedan, it does feel pleasantly athletic while on the road. It has nicely weighted steering, more than enough power, and perfect brake-pedal feel.

With the new 2016 Jaguar XF S, it is clear that the company’s engineers and designers has re-imagined the vehicle from the ground up. It is now lighter, stiffer, and better equipped than its predecessors. It has all the enhancements needed for the modern driver to like. It is a compelling, luxury cat that you won’t mind picking up and bringing home.


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