2016 Honda CR-V SUV Review – Fuel Economy at its Best

If you’re in the market for a compact SUV, then the 2016 Honda CR-V SUV may be just right up your alley. It has a spacious cabin that is also feature-packed. The ample cargo space in the vehicle outweighs the CR-V’s minor disappointment of having mediocre engine performance. While it does lack power, it does well in terms of exceptional fuel economy. There are also neat self-folding rear seats, and a flurry of tech and safety features.

2016 Honda CR-V SUV Review - Fuel Economy at its Best

A Lot of Great Things are to be Expected From the 2016 Honda CR-V SUV

While it is not the most thrilling car release on the planet, the 2016 Honda CR-V SUV does offer a lot of promise as it comes into the scene as a feature-packed car. Furthermore, it offers these in an attractive price range. With its smaller engine, it does offer less in terms of power, but it does make up with it with great fuel economy and loads of safety and tech features.

The 2016 CR-V SUV has a cabin made for everyday usability. The wide doors for the vehicle will offer easy access and dismount. There is also quite a bit of head and legroom for the front and outboard rear passengers. If there is a passenger that is sitting in the rear middle seat, that person will appreciate the lack of a protruding transmission tunnel. This would otherwise create the uncomfortable seating position.

At the cabin’s back, well, farther back, the CR-V’s cargo storage area is large-and-in-charge. It has 37.2 cubic feet of space that is just ready to swallow anything that you want to throw back there (provided that it will fit the area). When you pull the trunk-mounted levers, the spring-loaded rear seats will fold down immediately. When you do this, it will nearly double the car’s cargo capacity.

The car manufacturer also offers a long list of safety and comfort features in their new model. It offers shoppers to want a little more extra for their standard package. There is a sunroof, a keyless ignition, and there are also heated front seats that come off as standard equipment when you get the compact SUV. There is also a trick passenger-side-mounted camera that will reduce the blind spot. It will display wide-angle footage on the central touchscreen interface.

Driving performance for the 2016 Honda CR-V SUV is built for casual city use. It feels secure when you drive the car around turns, but there is a numb steering feedback and plenty of body roll during cornering. This prevents the vehicle from simulating a richer driving experience. However, despite some minimal downsides, this compact SUV does make for a smooth ride overall.


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