Ziro Robotics Kit – Start Your Engineering Days at a Young Age

With the Ziro Robotics Kit, you can assemble your own robot. That’s pretty straightforward, but it is created for ages 7 and up. Therefore, if you have a child that has the interest in creating their own stuff and actually bringing them to life, then perhaps giving this for their next birthday, or just as an everyday present, will make them jump for joy with absolute glee. It is not just your kids who can get excited with this robotics kids, as even for those who are kids at heart will get a kick out of this. This kit is a firm contender to be one of the best toys to have appeared in CES 2016.

Ziro Robotics Kit - Start Your Engineering Days at a Young Age

The Ziro Robotics Kit is Great Fun for Kids and For Kids at Heart

With the Ziro Robotics Kit, you can even try and build your own robot army. This is like a more advanced version of the Lego Technics. It is a modular-based toy which allows users to think up, and create various robots with the use of pre-modern, wireless, motorized building blocks and motors.

The kits are expandable as what has been said by the spokesman of the kit’s manufacturer. However, they have not told the public as to how much would that number be, for the meantime anyway. They have not also mentioned what type of modules will be included in the standard kit. However, from what many have seen on the CES showroom floor, it will allow owners to create their own arm of droids. So Star Wars fans, this may be your time to shine!

Those who have been taken their first look on the Ziro Kit will find some things that are pretty much basic like a Mars Rover-like wheeled robot, to a fully-sized R2D2. The kit can reportedly be used to create more “humanoid” robots, or even a pet-bot like a robot K9. However, these weren’t seen in the show but the possibility to create them is still there.

Once the bots are set up, they are then configured and linked to its smart glove control. It uses a custom Android or iOS smartphone app. This dedicated app will then be paired with the glove and will require a Wi-Fi connection to work. Once all has been properly configured, you can then take your droid, metallic pet, or whatever it is that you’ve just created for a spin with the use of the kit’s smart glove controller. The great part about the glove is it comes in an array of sizes. It features a wealth of sensors which allow the root to detect the controller’s movements, as well as hand angles and orientation.

For many, the Ziro Robotics Kit is one of the more exciting toys to have graced the showroom floor of CES 2016. Many are already eager to try it out properly when they bring it to their own homes when the kit gets a proper release.


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