Zanussi ZAN7620EL Review – A Compact Bagless Cleaner With Poor Ratings

What is the Zanussi ZAN7620EL? It is a bagless cleaner that has a bargain price tag. It has a compact frame which makes it easy to bring around. It even has a powerful motor, and contains a 2-liter dustbin which should make it last quite a while before needing to be emptied. All of which can be found in a device that only weighs 4.9-kilograms. However, not all about this particular cleaner is in the right. For instance, it has a poor energy rating and a below average rating for dust filtration. Still, it is not uncommon to see such shortcomings from such a cheap vacuum cleaner.

Zanussi ZAN7620EL Review - A Compact Bagless Cleaner With Poor Ratings

The Zanussi ZAN7620EL is a Cheap Cleaner That Comes With Shortcomings

When it comes to design, the Zanussi ZAN7620EL offers a striking mix of colors for its exterior. It combines a dramatic mixture of white, gray, and yellow. There are bold legends that immediately tell you about its cyclonic action, its easy emptying bin, and its washable main filter. There is also a large yellow power button and a fairly obvious cable rewind switch that can easily be seen.

It also comes with two large rear wheels which promotes easy rolling and travel. It even comes with a central trolley wheel found on its underside which allows it to follow a tug from the hose. It does come with a couple of aspects in terms of versatility, especially on how it is being handled. This particular cleaner can be used either flat on the ground or upright resting on its back. It even has slots to park the tube and the floor head for either position.

The ZAN7620EL is not your quiet vacuum cleaner, so if you’re looking for such a device that promotes silence when cleaning, avoid this one. Its sound levels are on par to the loudness of traffic on a main road. However, this noise makes you tell of the power this thing has. At full power, it produces the right amount of power to draw dirt found in the deepest crevices of your carpet’s fibers or the smallest cracks in your floorboards.

While it does promote the right level of power, the Zanussi ZAN7620EL consumes energy like a beast. Hence, this particular cleaner is caught in between; it has good parts and also bad ones. The good elements are, well, really good but on the other hand the negatives are also placed in an extreme portion. If you do want to get this particular cleaner, then you would also have to accept its limitations.


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