Z-Joyee LED Sport Shoes Review – Light Up the Night

Remember the time when you’re parents gave you a pair of light up sneakers when you were a kid and you ran across the house without a care in the world, well you can do so once more with the Z-Joyee LED Sport Shoes. However, these shoes are not made for running which is a bit of a bummer if you want to show the whole world about your light up footwear. Then again, not all people would want to do that and would even rather stick to regular shoes when waltzing around town. The shoes are made with PU leather and are unisex. The lights are USB rechargeable with one full-charge will promise to last around 10 hours of glow time.

Z-Joyee LED Sport Shoes Review - Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night With the Z-Joyee LED Sport Shoes

The material used to make the Z-Joyee LED Sport Shoes are waterproof and have a snug fit for both men and women. The shoes can easily be cleaned by a soft fabric. The lights come in 7 static colors and 1 color changing mode. Speaking of the color of the lights, they are able to glow in red, green, purple, white, aqua, blue, and yellow. When the color changing mode is activated, it will rotate through each of these colors in a random manner.

The switch to activate the light is hidden inside and it is located by the USB port. Press the switch to fix the shoe with one of the seven colors. When it is charging, the lights will automatically turn off until the charging has been completed. The standard packaging contains a charging cable but for some reason there is no charger included. The company may have assumed that people would already have their phone chargers anyway so this is a move to clearly cut costs on the packaging.

It is also a wonder why these are called the Z-Joyee Sport Shoes when it is not recommended to run or do exercise routines with them, especially when it involves cardio. The lights will flicker on and off when you move around with these shoes on a lot, which shows that they are not clearly built for any strenuous activity.

While the Z-Joyee LED Sport Shoes may become the next “in thing” when it comes to street fashion, if you’re a runner, a jogger, or even a dancer, these may not be the most recommended pair of cool-looking shoes that you can find on the market.


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