You Just Got Punkt… With The MP01 Designer Phone

The Punkt MP01 aims for a distraction-free device aimed for people who easily get, well, distracted by just about everything that’s in the Internet to keep you away from doing your job. The device is good for people who spends a lengthy amount of time constantly checking every link, social media notification, article, or e-mail that pops up on their mobile device.

It is very easy to form a habit of procrastinating with your phone as smartphones are becoming increasingly… smart as of late. Each second or minute wasted keeps you away from performing your job well, which can result in you rushing later on just to meet deadlines.

You Just Got Punkt... With The MP01 Designer Phone

Introducing the Punkt MP01 Designer Phone

In a nutshell, the Punkt MP01 is a device that lets you call, text, or set an alarm, and that’s all there is to it. Oh, and there’s a basic calendar as well. It has an overly simplistic design, similar to what cellular phones had before smartphones rolled into the scene.

The design of the Punkt MP01 phone has a more angular back design, which is an unusual yet welcoming feel. There is a “back” button which is placed where the hand would naturally go, instead of being situated next to the buttons controlling its up and down navigation.

It is also another refreshing feeling to have the buttons let you jump straight to where you’re supposed to go. For example, the physical button that has the icon of a book will let you open your contacts. Similar to what we can do with today’s smartphones, but there is no navigating back to the Home Screen to do it. There is also a dedicated button for users to open the messaging function of the device so that you can immediately start typing up a text the same way you open your contacts list.

The device will most likely spend most of its time inside your pocket, bag, purse, or anywhere else you would like to put it.

While the Punkt MP01 is certainly great for letting you focus on your work, it does have one major flaw – its price. Many may be aghast at the first sight of its price. It is pretty unusual to have a price tag so high considering you can’t do much with the phone. It is quite striking as this may not be the right balance to what should be the right solution to procrastination over work.


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