Yamaha SRT-1500 Review – Good Sounds Come With a Price

Even though the market is filled with a more stable, less sound base-friendly design, that doesn’t stop the Yamaha SRT-1500 from being a choice audio system for many. Simply put, it sound good – really good. Play some movies with this as your sound source and you will know how much the device packs some serious punch. It also has acceptable performance when it comes to music replay. However, good sound may not be readily available for many as it does come with quite the hefty price tag.

Yamaha SRT-1500 Review - Good Sounds Come With a Price

The Yamaha SRT-1500 is the Product of Continued Efforts With the Company’s Sound Base Plans

Aside from its price, the Yamaha SRT-1500 is not readily compatible with every TV on the market. If your TV has a centrally-mounted pedestal stand, then it will support screen sizes of up to 55-inches. The unit is fairly squat as it is only 3-inches in height. For its width and depth, they measure in at 30.75-inchs and 14.6-inches respectively.

The device is constructed with medium-density fiberboard (MDF). It is also covered with a brushed vinyl wrap which are also seen in some products made by ELAC and Klipsch. However, users should be aware that the material used for the creation of the SRT-1500 spoils rather easily. Therefore, it may acquire holes if it has been mishandled.

When looking at it from a design standpoint, you would be very hard-pressed to notice any differences with this newer model as opposed to its predecessor, the SRT-1000. In fact, if it wasn’t for the model number that is found on its front, you would immediately mistake it for the previous iteration which was released back in 2014. The only visual changes are found at the back, and that can’t easily be seen.

Like many powered speakers of today, this particular one includes Bluetooth connectivity for both streaming to and from a compatible device. This feature also comes with the support for aptX, which would then improve the overall sound quality coming from compatible devices.

When it comes to sound performance, it’s very much like its design aspect as you would find yourself hard-pressed to find any differences (if there are any) when comparing it with its predecessor. However, it seems to be a manifestation of the thought of “don’t fix what’s not broken.” The sound performance from the SRT-1000 was already good and that element carried on with its successor.

The Yamaha SRT-1500 provides great performance when it comes to giving home theater experience. It is able to produce a wide, room filling sound, which can also be experienced with its predecessor. This newer model feels more like a glorified update than an entirely new model, but its improvements are much to be noted for.


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