Yahoo’s Index: A project that will dig information’s from inboxes aged 20-years-old.

Yahoo's Index: A project that will dig information’s from inboxes aged 20-years-old.

Personalized search tool in form of a new app is what Yahoo about to turn up that will certainly compete with Google Now.

It is revealed by the CEO of Yahoo who happens to be a former Google’s executive Marissa Mayer that Yahoo was particularly interested in search in the mobile sector, furthermore according to Mayer, things like:

  • Siri
  • Cortana
  • Google Now

These are new yet promising kind of search, she further stretch that Yahoo wants to help people in a way or another and that Yahoo wants to provide better results in terms of mobile search.

She particularly site an example about the Wikipedia which could help someone who booked a flight from John F. Kennedy Airport, and is in search of practical data and a boarding pass over. Helping users find flight information is a fairly fundamental task for a mobile assistant like Google Now, Siri, or Cortana Mayer said. This is where Yahoo wants to enter, to come in with a new app that will help people get better results just like what Google Now is.

According to Business insiders the alleged project is called Index, and Index was supposedly an app for smartphone. Unlike Yahoo’s current Aviate launcher for Android which provide users with data and calendar entries the Index is likely more about Google Now. The pilot version of Index will be ready in the second quarter of this year according to Yahoo.

Where does Yahoo’s confidence coming from if it is true that it will compete with Google Now? According to the Insider Yahoo believes that its sheer longevity is their primary advantage, compared to Gmail’s 10-year-old accounts to Yahoo’s 20-year-old accounts sure is an advantage.


To bring back the 20 years information’s stored in Yahoo Mails is like reminiscing fond memories from the past that brings a jolt of mixed emotions. In your own opinion, how does Yahoo Index appeal to you, knowing it will mine 20 years old inboxes that are certainly from the past? Could it be like Microsoft Cortana or more likely to be a nostalgia engine like Facebook?


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