XSories X-Project Nomadic Cinema Review – A Tiny Beamer

The first thing that you will immediately notice about the XSories X-Project Nomadic Cinema is its small size. This is not your average mini-projector but it is even smaller than most compact beamers in the market. However, even though it is small, it is not as thin as other projectors but it is just wide as a credit card – that’s how small it is. It is, however, a bit on the pricey side.

XSories X-Project Nomadic Cinema Review - A Tiny Beamer

The XSories X-Project Nomadic Cinema is One Tiny Little Projector

The XSories X-Project Nomadic Cinema is a three-tone miniscule projector that measures in at 0.9 x 3.7 x 2.1-inches for its dimensions. It also weighs a very lightweight 5-pounds. It is a DLP-based LCD variant with a brightness level of 40-lumens. It has a native resolution of 640 x 360 pixels, which is still considerably low even for a pico projector. For the sake of comparison, the typical image width for a pico projector is 854-pixels.

At its top, you will find a focus wheel, a Home button, and a four-way controller with a central OK button. As with other pico projectors, it does not have the ability to zoom. On its left are the microSD card slot, a headphone jack (which doubles as an AV-in port), and the Power switch.

Attached to its back-right corner is a permanent forked USB cable with two plugs. This male plug is meant to be connected to a computer’s USB port. It can be used to charge the X-Project Nomadic Cinema, transfer files from the PC to the unit, and even mirror contents from the computer’s screen. The other jack will allow users to plug in a USB flash drive.

Since this micro-projector has only 40-lumens of brightness, and it has a lesser image width, the most comfortable size to project images and footage is 25-inches and in full darkness. If there’s a bit of ambient light, then it has to be moved to 20-inches near a screen or a wall.

Image quality, for photos and videos, was fine for casual use. There is, however, a small rainbow effect when viewing images but said effect is not severe and is not too distracting. Video quality is downsized due to the degraded low resolution, but they are still watchable.

Make no mistake, the XSories X-Project Nomadic Cinema is a consumer-oriented tiny projector with a whole lot of appeal. It is no wider than your average credit card and it is easy to use. It does, however, lack the connectivity and resolution found in other pico projectors, but it is a good choice for viewing images in a hotel room during travels.


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