World of Warcraft – Still the Same Game, More or Less

For those who take pride in being a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gamer, the title World of Warcraft may not sound like an exciting title. With MMORPGs that are continuously aiming for the limelight, such as Black Desert and Blade & Soul, where does Blizzard’s own MMO stand out in the crowd? However, it does not mean that the entire MMORPG community do not like WoW as there are those who continuously swear by it. But why is it that the online community stands heavily divided when talking about this title?

World of Warcraft - Still the Same Game, More or Less

World of Warcraft Still Has Loyal Players

Even with its many updates since it has been released, World of Warcraft is still pretty much the same game that it was like years ago. There is still a constant need to grind, which is very common in MMORPGs. Even when playing as a human hunter, there will always be that need to kill a whole lot of low-level orcs and wolves, even at the beginning of your journeys, to get decent experience points. It’s not only the monsters that need to be killed in order to survive within the game.

As with also practically all other MMORPGs in existence, there is an economy; and when there is an economy, there is in-game currency. So how can you make “moolah” within the game? More grinding. You will have to collect Gold dust, take on quests, put out some fires, and many more just to make ends meet in this Warcraft MMORPG.

As stated earlier, there are gamers that still swear by playing the game even in modern times. However, the title has aged like that of a American cheese. Many PC gamers of today have top-end gaming rigs that can render textures so vast and so detailed that playing Crysis doesn’t seem like a challenge anymore. WoW, on the other hand, was released in 2004 and it still has the same graphics since it had then. There are some newer parts, such as those of the lands of Pandaria, that look somewhat better, albeit only slightly.

Aside from its visuals, the basic gameplay of World of Warcraft is also its ultimate downfall. Back in 2004, this simplicity can be done with the use of an ability bar that can be toggled. There are also simple auto-attack commands, and even the WASD type of movement for an MMORPG was still new at that time. However, too much simplicity may not be a really great thing nowadays as there are titles, such as TERA, who strings abilities better with mouse clicks and keyboard commands. Perhaps one can even call it “outdated,” but WoW still holds a special place in many gamers’ hearts, even today.


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