Withings Go – Succeeding in Most Areas in Terms of Fitness Tracking

The Withings Go, which is made by the producers of one of the few good-looking smartwatches found on the market, is the company’s first budget fitness tracker. It is a more compact device as compared to some wearable techs available in the market as it has a sort of puck-shaped tracker which can slip into colorful watch bands and clip-on cases. It is able to track steps, sleep, and other activities. These can be done by your smartphone by downloading the right app. However, these apps will run continuously which might prove to be disadvantageous for some who own phones with weaker battery cells. Also, the new fitness tracker is water-resistant, easy-to-set up and use, and the accompanying app is simple enough that it is easy on the eyes.

Withings Go - Succeeding in Most Areas in Terms of Fitness Tracking

The Withings Go is the Company’s First Budget Fitness Tracker

In reality, the Withings Go does not look quite as nice as compared to what the company’s photographs might have suggested. However, with its budget-friendly price tag, all that would matter is that you’re wearing it as a watch for most of the time. Quality of the materials used is very toy-like. Also, when viewed from certain angles, the screen does catch a nasty glare. There is a circular outline wherein you can press to view the time. Also, there’s a lot of ghosting on the e-ink display and the band easily picks up dust.

The good news besides the Go‘s caveats is that most people won’t have to examine it closely. When gazing upon it from a distance, the wearable device does fit nicely into the category of gadgets that fit nicely on your wrist. This design is currently being monopolized by another wearable tech manufacturer, Fitbit. The Go looks decent enough, and it does shout out that it is a fitness tracker.

The accompanying app reinforces the concept as to the company’s gadgets being made to reside within higher-end markets. Said app has a timeline-style feed that feels a bit empty when being fed certain information from a single device. There is a motivator that does fill up your home but that’s about the most that you can see with it, aside from the captured information.

While it does look really simply, the Withings Go does succeed in areas wherein others might have failed with regards to fitness tracking. In other words, it just works; it is easy to use and quite easy to set up.


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