Withings Activité Pop Review – The Cheaper One

The Withings Activité Pop is the more reasonably-priced model when compared to its cousin, the Withings Activité. Like its counterpart, it is more watch than activity tracker in terms of looks. It looks just like a Rolex replica but with smarter features that are aimed for the fitness-centric individual. It does away with some of the luxuriousness that the other model has, but the result is a more reasonably-priced option.

Withings Activité Pop Review - The Cheaper One

The Withings Activité Pop Blends the Old and the New With a Cheaper Price Tag

If there is one word to describe the Withings Activité Pop, that would be elegance. It is built around with the classic watch style, but it merges this with modern smart functionalities. Just like the pricier model, it has a small additional dial which sits within the watch face. This shows your progression towards your fitness goals, and it will go from 0 to 100-percent.

In this model, there’s no calf-leather strap, nor does it have a stainless-steel body or a sapphire crystal. However, it still looks the part of being a cross between luxury and ruggedness. It is made out of a machine-milled metal, which even though is less premium-feeling than what the Withings Activité has, is still durable enough. It also comes with rubber straps right out of the box to provide the more everyday look and feel, rather than the type to be worn on a fancy dinner date.

It is available in three body colors, them being black, sand, and dark blue. There are optional straps that can be purchased from Withings for those who have more extravagant tastes. For those that want to acquire straps from other manufacturers, they may do so as the Activité Pop has a fairly standard 18-millimeter one.

Putting the design aside, beneath the surface and its almost the same with its pricier counterpart. The sensor package on the Pop is what changed. The Activité has a Swiss movement sensor whereas this one has been installed with a cheaper Chinese alternative. Aside from the prestige, it offers no difference in performance. Timing accuracy is still on-point, and other features still function the way they should.

Speaking of performance, just like the Activité, the Pop still performs admirably for what it can do. It is one of the best looking activity trackers in today’s market, and that aspect is backed up by its ability to record accurate, detailed, and seamless data.

So for those who want to take a plunge into the world of wearables, the Withings Activité Pop is definitely worth the look. It doesn’t look like a glorified fitness tracker, and it won’t draw attention to itself immediately because of its classic looks.


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