Wildstar: Arcterra – Enter the Joys of Playing a Free-to-Play MMORPG

Wildstar: Arcterra is a major update to the massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG). But before dwelling onto the update, it is still worth to recap the original game’s original charms. To start, this is one of the more action-oriented MMORPGs out there. It is centered around a sci-fi environment with everything fit for a fantasy MMO. The setting is placed in a newly discovered planet called Nexus. Said planet has been abandoned by a raced called the Eldan. Said race has left all manner of technology behind while providing only a few clues as to why they did such a thing. The game’s graphics are heavily comic-book-based, which might come as a delight for many.

Wildstar: Arcterra - Enter the Joys of Playing a Free-to-Play MMORPG

Wildstar: Arcterra is a Major Update to the Enjoyable MMORPG

Wildstar: Arcterra is the first of many major updates from developer Carbine. The update has three major components. The first one being the new land, Arcterra. Said region is a new maximum-level zone that comes complete with new quests and bosses. It also includes new zone mechanics to beef up the difficulty.

The second of the three elements found in Destination: Arcterra is the Vault of Archon. This is the second chapter to the Nexus Saga (which is the main story quest). For the third component of the major update, it is the addition of a new item-upgrade system. It allows gamers to make their characters level up their gear. Upgrades can cover weapons, runes, armors, and even certain items.

Like many RPGs, there should be a frozen wasteland, and in Wildstar that is Arcterra. The visuals for the new region was designed by a new art director from the developer. This new art direction has taken advantage of new lighting and shaders. This brings a lot of depth to the new land, and makes it a joy to traverse and explore.

There’s even something unique to the new zone, and that is it has “snowballing” boss encounters (pun may or may not be intended). What happens is two-man bosses will spawn, then as you kill them, a meter will then track the kills from a zone-wide scope. It will then continually fill up , and when it reaches a certain point, 5-man bosses will start appearing. Eventually, players will be up against 20-man ones.

As with many major updates from many MMORPGs, Wildstar: Arcterra brings forth a whole new level of difficulty in the form of this new zone. Many new and experienced players will take great joy in this new region and its many new offerings.


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