Which iPhone 6S Model Should You Get?

Which iPhone 6S Model Should You Get?

Just earlier this week, Apple just announced new products in their tech line and two of those are the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. With all the new features and specs that came out with the new models, fans of these Apple products find themselves asking, “What should I get?” So, should you purchase the 6S or the 6S Plus?

Choosing Between the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

First of all, for those who want to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone 6S or the 6s Plus, pre-orders have already been opened over at the company’s website. So with that covered, we go back to which new model of Apple’s new smartphone line should you purchase.

First of all, and perhaps one of the most defining features of the new model, is to select a color for the new iPhone. Before, Apple would usually introduce their new smartphones with just two colors – black and white. Hence, the monochrome of color selection puts fans of the smartphone line to be placed in quite the pickle, especially for those that neither liked black or white.

Now, Apple gave us introduces two more colors into the mix, namely Rose Gold and Space Gray. Even though the new color additions are just a couple, at least the company decided to let customers have a wider range of thought when choosing their next mobile phone.

When you’ve gotten a hold on what color to get for your new Apple smartphone, the next question is, should you opt for the larger 6S Plus? But first, what is the difference between the 6S Plus and it’s smaller brother?

The answer – it’s bigger and that’s about it. Specs-wise, there’s no difference and if there are, it would be just a bit of an upgrade from its smaller counterpart. So, since the Plus is bigger, should you go for it? It really depends on your preference if you want a bigger smartphone or not. However, for those who want the 6S for the whole package and not just because of its size, then you’re better off with the regular-sized mobile phone from Apple.

 Lastly, should you opt for a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB model for the new iPhone 6S? Since Apple’s smartphones do not have the feature of having an external memory card slot, you’re stuck with what the phone has. Also, since the new iPhones have better cameras and it also has the ability to capture 4K video, that 16GB model doesn’t look too promising as it will fill your phone’s storage space pretty quickly. So it’s either the 32 or the 64GB that would be the smarter option.


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