What’s next for iPhone?

What's next for iPhone?

With Apple’s newest MacBooks and Apple Watch, what is next for their iPhone, what can we expect? Will iPhone redesign iPhone 7? Or will there be a solid-gold iPhones? And could Apple finally bring a notable innovation that will fully change the game in the realm of smartphone market? In the meantime, all we can do it wait and see.

However, Apple seems brewing something, little changes are already applied to its latest endeavors particularly in their Macbook and Apple Watch, these applications being now applied could give birth to a new iPhone.


The new single one-port will ditched power cords, USB-C is a multi – function port that can be used to charge, output video and transfer date as well. This feature is present in the new Retina Display 12-inch MacBook, if applied on an iPhone, soon could mean that there will be only one standard cable that has a multiple function, very convenient indeed.

Wireless charging

Apple supports wireless charging and its first product release to use wireless charging is the Apple Watch, the question now is could the next iPhone use wireless charging or could use USB C for charging? Finally, is there a chance that the next iPhone could have both ways of charging?

Force Touch

This is a force-sensitive way of pressing down to click two or even three times into a virtual button, this feature is all features to the latest MacBook and Apple Watch, with this new feature on an iPhone could mean a killer new dimension.

OLED Display

The best smartphones to date uses OLED displays and even the Apple Watch’s used OLED this moved tipped that the new iPhone will use the same OLED Display.


Sapphire Crystal

The Apple Watch’s feature sapphire, and this could mean that the new iPhone Sapphire iPhone is possible these means that it will be more scratch and shatter-resistant.

There are a lot to get excited about the next iPhone, could it have a gold edition? Could it be a Sapphire iPhone? These are just few of many anticipations but, one thing is for sure the next iPhone is a premium product to wait for.



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