What You Should Know Before You Buy A New Car

What You Should Know Before You Buy A New Car

There are a lot of factors you consider before deciding on what car you will drive next from the car’s horsepower, fuel efficiency, interior design among other noticeable features since many of the vehicles nowadays offers almost the same features on which particular feature should you focus your attention?



  • Embedded Connectivity

In-dash technology and connectivity is one of the important edge you have to look when you shop for a new car. Yes, in todays age this features plays a big role that is a standard in modern living although installed connectivity to cars is not a new thing it is still vital to remind consumers to consider this option before the next successful car purchase made.

Almost two decades ago that the General Motors’ OnStar system have introduced this concept which uses onboard cellular radio to deliver telematics services like:

  • automatic crash notification
  • remote door unlocking

Yet as demand rises for connectivity via smartphones and tablets automakers have addressed this need and yes now take a look at GM and Audi.

Newest technology applied to cars last year as two companies started to offer AT&T 4G LTE to provide not just powerful connectivity but also it opens to the birth of Wi-Fi hotspot in cars.

On the other hand,the Audi A3 uses faster connection to download Google Earth and Google Street View maps in detailed manner which can be use for onboard navigation system. Talk about the advantage you get is that whether your smartphone is available or not you are still connected instantly.

However, this is not like your car purchase once you paid for it it will be yours while this one particular service comes in the form of subscription which means that this is a separate date plan wherein you are billed and you have to pay the bill to be able to enjoy the service continually.



Ford’s Sync system is one particular car which rely solely to smartphone that in return provides a connection to and from the cloud. This system approach was then followed by other automakers like the Toyota’s Entune system yet with this kind of system you are connected as long as there is a cellular cignal as this system is mainly dependable on your cellular devices, the good news on the other hand is you do not need to pay for a subscription required by the car since the data charges will be charged from your wireless carrier.



With this system you can have the best connection possible yet with downside, the powerful connectivity allows you to be connected all the time plus an embedded radio is always turned on for automatic crash notification while at the same time connected to smartphone for other data. You can find this particular system with Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram vehicles.



Yes connectivity is a big deal same goes true with the Infotainment system thus and so you also have to consider and give full attention to the apps and features which is offered by the system make sure that it has and will fill and provide your need while you are inside your car.


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