What you should know about self-driving cars?

What you should know about self-driving cars?

When inside a self-driving cars you are vulnerable to motion sickness that is according to a team from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. Why? The team answered that by giving two precise reasons.

First of Two Reasons

You are not the direct controller of a self-driving car, thus you can’t always anticipate every turn, swerve, stop, change in speed, etc. This disconnect between what you see and how the car moves affects balance, which is why drivers don’t suffer from the condition as often as passengers do.

Second Reason

People are bound to do activities that amplify its symptoms like reading, texting, watching movies, or playing games while on board inside the robotic vehicle, an Umich researchers conducted a survey through asking three thousand two hundred adults from countries like US, India, China, Japan, Great Britain and Australia if they are inside the self-driving car and travelling through it what are the activities they will likely do? The answers of most respondents are and would be reading, sending messages, watching movies, play games and some says work all the activities that the respondents mentioned could cause dizziness and nausea that is why the passengers of a robotic vehicle can experience motion sickness if inside it.

How to avoid motion sickness when travelling through a robotic vehicle?  

To avoid motion sickness inside a self-driving car is to make use of the travel time to converse with a fellow passenger, or rest by relaxing or by taking a nap. Researchers have also suggestion for those that are incapable of controlling themselves to equip their robotic vehicle with larger windows and seat in a full reclined manner.


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