WeMo Switch Let’s You Control Electronics

With the WeMo Switch. it turns electronic devices around the house on or off. Users are also able to set schedules for a hassle-free experience. Just plug it in an electrical outlet, plug in the device into the switch, and that’s it! It’s that easy. So how does it work? It works by letting devices be controlled through a dedicated app. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. However it should be noted that it can only work for Apple devices with iOS 7 and higher, and those with Android 4.1 and higher operating systems. The switch will work with a home Wi-Fi network with the help of a router, or within a 3G or 4G network.

WeMo Switch Let's You Control Electronics

Hassle-Free Control of Electronics With the WeMo Switch

If you’re the type of person who keeps on forgetting if you’ve left something on inside the house, and you’re already on your way to someplace else, then never worry again when you have the WeMo Switch. It switches practically anything plugged into it on or off with the help of the dedicated mobile app. Turn lamps, fans, heaters, appliances, and other electronic devices on or off even when you’re far away from said item. You can even set schedules to turn lights, or other electronics, on or off at a certain time to match the rhythm of the home.

With the free WeMo Switch app, users are able to turn lamps on during sunset and turn them off at sunrise. Schedules can be adjusted accordingly with the app, and it’s very easy to pick up and tweak the settings around.

There is also an “Away Mode” for the app. This will make it look like someone is still at home when in reality every member of the household is outside. The light will go on and off automatically at predetermined intervals, or the lights can be controlled remotely from the mobile device. Make it look like someone’s at home to keep thieves away.

Its remote properties have a lot of uses. For instance, if your kids are light sleepers but do fall asleep easily, instead of risking waking them up when you enter their room to turn off the lights, you can just remotely turn them off from your room instead.

Users can enjoy the vast array of possibilities for the WeMo Switch. It gives constant visibility to every connected device. The app can also be connected with multiple mobile phones and tablets so that anyone in the family can take control of the home’s many electronic devices.

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