Wacom Bamboo Spark Review – Aiming to Preserve the Handwritten Note

The Wacom Bamboo Spark is being called by the company as a “smart folio.” Writing notes onto it will make use of its smart pen and pad. Anything “written” onto it will turn into digital versions that can immediately be shared online. The device uses electromagnetic resonance technology that has been fine-tuned to create recreate handwriting gestures. It aims to bring back handwriting in a world wherein keyboards and digital writing is highly abundant.

Wacom Bamboo Spark Review -Aiming to Preserve the Handwritten Note

With the Wacom Bamboo Spark, It Aims to Preserve Handwriting in This Modern World

With the use of its electromagnetic resonance technology, the Wacom Bamboo Spark is able to communicate with the smart pen to record strokes onto the device. It will then sync with your phone or tablet through Bluetooth connectivity. Doing so will store your “scribblings” or calligraphy creations digitally for you to access it later on an accompanying app.

Wacom aims to bring back the hand written approach as we live in a time wherein beautiful works of literary art can be done while typing on a keyboard or with just a computer mouse. The device aims to preserve the once ubiquitous method of taking down notes.

The company is offering three versions of the device. One has a tablet sleeve that will hold up tablets that have up to 9.7-inch (diagonally measured) in display, one comes with a “snap fit” for the iPad Air 2, and the other has a gadget pocket that will be used for holding a smartphone or extra paper.

The case for the Bamboo Spark is well-built. The elements of technology around it are minimal. There is an on/off button found on the bottom, and another button found on the spine of the case. This other button is used to sync the device to your smartphone or tablet. That same button can also be used to send notes via bluetooth.

Out of the box, there is a 30-page notepad so you can begin making notes straight away. The notepad can be substituted with any A5 notebook when you run out of pages or paper. Once you’re done with a page of notes, you just have to hit the button in the middle of the folio to store it. You can then begin writing on another sheet afterwards.

When writing with the Wacom Bamboo Spark, make sure that the papers do not move, even slightly, as it will result in a distorted image. Also, make sure that the paper does not ride up or crease easily as well. Overall, this is a pretty straightforward device. There are no fancy “all-in-one” gimmicks here. Use it to perfect your handwriting if you’re the type to always use a computer keyboard all the time.


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