Virtual Reality Truly The Next Big Thing

Virtual Reality Truly The Next Big Thing

The virtual reality officially arrive after years of work and development. Now that it is here, the biggest question is : Is it the really the next big thing?

 Giant tech companies are in stif competition because of virtual reality. Google, Samsung and Facebook for instance are just few of the companies which launches its virtual reality product offering. On the other hand companies like Microsoft, lunches its impressive Hololens.

 To experience the virtual world, is such an exciting thought. Isn’t it? Most of us are fascinated and anticipates to experience the virtual world with the virtual reality headset launch by different tech companies.

 In line with that there is a Gartner report that said, “Interest in Head Mounted Display devices, which power virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other smartglass apps, will be such that, by 2018, the technology behind them will be used in a variety of consumer and business scenarios.”

 Furthermore, the report added that HMD devices were more popular in 2014 than at any point in the past. Prior to that HMDs were mainly found in certain apps like industrial design, military training and likewise. Needless to say, Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014 played a major role in bringing this change.

 Although, technology has truly developed over the years, yet the VR headsets had captured technology as its best. The VR world also means gaming. Pertaining to that claim, Shiv Putcha Associate Director, Consumer Mobility & AP Telco Strategies, said that, “Virtual reality is primarily focused around gaming because it is the most immediate application that can be monetized.”

 Despite that the start of VR is primarily for gaming but it has more to yield. There is just so much to dig for. Perhaps, it is one of the many reasons why there are a lot of tech companies that develops a VR products. Apart from that mobile can drive VR and vice versa.


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