Vaio Z Flip Review – Plenty of Power in a Thin Architecture

What is the Vaio Z Flip? It is an ultra-thin 13-inch laptop, and it packs considerable power underneath. Since the Vaio brand has been sold by Sony to a new Japanese company back in 2014, it has now released a certain kind of inventiveness with regards to its charm. Aside from being more inventive in a lot of aspects, it has also become more expensive than ever before. Therefore, it is placed within a price class wherein its closest competitors are the MacBook Pro and the Microsoft Surface Book.

Vaio Z Flip Review - Plenty of Power in a Thin Architecture

The Vaio Z Flip Packs Plenty of Power and is Also Plenty Expensive

The Vaio Z Flip is thinner and a half-pound lighter than that of the Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro. But aside from that aspect, it has the same class of silicon found under the hood. It is powered by a 28-watt, 3.3GHz Intel Core i7 chip, and it also has Intel’s latest Iris graphics inside. Therefore, it can play games that are graphically intensive but only those that are considered as such during the year 2013. But for what it’s worth, it performs majestically.

Try playing the 2013 Tomb Raider title at 1080p resolution and you will get superb performance. Well, that is if you set the graphics and detail levels to medium. It can also handle some modern-day games but you might be required to set the settings all the way down to low.

in terms of design, even though many laptops these days are competing for the MacBook look, the Z Flip strays away from that trend. However, it still has a design that feels competitive of Apple’s popular system.

It is covered with a dark anodized aluminum lid along with a matte-finish with a carbon-fiber base. This base insulates your legs from the excessive heat when operating the machine on your lap. Its aluminum deck extends further around the edge of the laptop. With this design choice, it makes the device feel thinner than it actually is. It also makes it harder to accidentally press the power button.

But this is not entirely a laptop as it has a trick up its sleeve. When you flip a switch to unlock a hidden hinge, this will let the screen fold down into a tablet configuration. While this seems innovative, even for today’s standards, there is quite the large gap that makes it a little awkward to use while holding the device in tablet mode.

The Vaio Z Flip does perform well as it has a great display, above average hardware, and a design that is both functional and fashionable. However, it may not immediately be for everyone as it does carry a hefty price tag with it.


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