Uvex Variatronic Cycling Glasses Changes Tint With a Button or on Their Own

Uvex Variatronic Cycling Glasses Changes Tint With a Button or on Their Own

When wearing the Uvex Variatronic Cycling Glasses, its lenses help the user get unhindered vision through various scenarios. An example would be heading out on the evening while riding the bike. The photochronic glasses will gradually lighten while the sun goes down. However, it should not be taken as some kind of superpower which activates immediately as when people go inside dark tunnels or zip in and out through shadowy forests, the gradation won’t be able to keep up. But there is a solution to that; if the glasses are not able to keep up naturally with the fast changing environment, then a push of a button will change the tint within just a tenth of a second. There is nothing “shady” about that.

The Variatronic Cycling Glasses are able to change its brightness settings with its patented e-Tint technology. The feature was initially developed from an Ohio-based company called AlphaMicron. The glasses were initially intended for military use until its subsidiary, Ctrl Eyewear, adapted the system into the use for its Ctrl one sport glasses. Since then, there entered a sharing agreement for the technology with Uvex. As a result, the Variotronic glasses and and the Ctrl Ones are born.

The Uvex Variatronic Cycling Glasses Are Able to Change Lens Brightness for a Hassle-Free Ride

The Uvex Variatronic Cycling Glasses is able to incorporate a thin liquid crystal film to enhance viewing experience when bike riding through different environment settings. The film is sandwiched between two polycarbonate lenses. There are low-voltage electrical currents that are applied to align the crystal, changing the tint. These can either block a certain amount of light or let a level of light shine through. Even the glasses’ “resting state” is not actually completely clear like when a person is wearing vision-correcting eyeglasses. When in its “resting state,” the glasses still block about 36 percent of incoming light. This is in comparison to blocking 84 percent of light when its “active state” is, well, activated.

Still, the Variatronic Glasses are able to block 100 percent of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

As stated earlier, the Uvex Variatronic Cycling Glasses can either change tint on its own or with the help of a button. The button is located in its temple arm. Those who do not want the gradual change of the glasses can just press the button to change the glasses’ mode in a near instant. This is great for going into wooded areas, which many cyclists found switching between modes quite frequently.

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