Uncharted 4 – Designer Explains Why Fans Love Nathan Drake

The lead hero in Uncharted 4 is something akin to the Indiana Jones of video games. In this fourth, and possibly even his final adventure, developer Naughty Dog explains why the character has acquired such fame. Gamers all over followed Nathan Drake across the world as he searches for the “uncharted” from the coast of Panama and even towards the lost city of Ubar. In his adventures, he had his fair share of romances, and he even has the wit to make sure players won’t get bored from running around too much.

Uncharted 4 - Designer Explains Why Fans Love Nathan Drake

Why is the Main Character From Uncharted 4 so Lovable?

The main question here is, why are we so enthralled by the main hero of Uncharted 4? How did Naughty Dog design a videogame character who is able to capture the imagination of players, a hero that can joke about practically anything with his Sully, his long-time friend, while not spending a second thought gunning down hundreds of enemies that stand in his way?

It is something that the Santa Monica game developing studio, Naughty Dog, was able to do as one of the reasons why the Uncharted series has become a multi-million dollar success is because of (you guessed it) Nathan Drake. It is clear that the company has had a lot of thought into the creation of such a character.

Richard Lemarchand, the lead designer of the game, gave a great talk during the GameCity festival in Nottingham three years ago wherein he highlighted the process of designing the first three games within the series. He stated an array of important factors as to why the title has been a huge success.

The first element that he factored in was Nathan Drake’s voice actor, Nolan North. The lead designer stated: “The search for the actor was long and arduous, we knew we had to get it just right. We had this strong idea of a guy who was a pretty regular bloke; he’s not a ninja, he’s not a special forces agent… he’s fit and healthy, but he’s also a bit clumsy – we needed that to come through. Amy Hennig (videogame director and script writer) has said, we needed that intangible quality that beloved actors in the action genre have. The reason Drake has the staying power and relatablity he has is because he’s vulnerable.”

There are also many other factors that explain why Uncharted 4, and the previous titles in the franchise, are huge success stories. However, the 4th installment is very clearly the last in the series as Naughty Dog aims to complete the story. In other words, this is Nathan Drake’s last hurrah.


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