Turris – Turning Your Behind Into a Virtual Reality Controller

If you think you’ve known just about everything there is about the recent news pertaining to the virtual reality headsets and their controllers, perhaps the Turris might be something new to your eyes and ears. Simply put, it is a chair that will turn your rear-end into a VR controller. It can spin 360-degrees, which is great so that you don’t have to pull off a Linda Blair from “The Exorcist” when you’re accessing the virtual reality realm with your VR headset. However, the price to get one of these is staggering and can easily break banks.

Turris - Turning Your Behind Into a Virtual Reality Controller

The Turris Puts on a New “Spin” to Virtual Reality, at a Very Steep Price

Praevidi, the creators of the Turris, dubs it the “revolutionary seating for VR.” It is the world’s first chair specifically designed for virtual reality. If you’re just passing by and without giving it much thought, you might quickly write it off as an ordinary stool with a glowing base. However, it has a built-in PC as well as pivot-tracking motion detectors. In other words, this is more than just your ordinary chair.

Those who have the chance to test it out will find the experience to be quite pleasing. It is responsive and it can make you excited for its potential applications. However, one does not simply sit on the Turris (insert Boromir from The Lord of the Rings meme here). Because of its highly sensitive sensors, you have to place your tush at the full center on the black cushion. Your goal is to land your “behind” in a neutral setting.

If you lean too much in one direction, then you will see your character from your VR game or app to be running up or down a path. The seat can be used with the Oculus Rift, and there is also a demo app to test out the virtual reality seat. For the demo, you will be able to control a character in a first-person perspective (which is how VR apps and games should probably work). The VR headset will control camera direction, and when you want to move forward or backwards, you would have to lean within the corresponding direction to get motion along. Leaning towards the left or right will produce a strafing movement, which is what you would normally see in FPS games.

Ultimately, the Turris makes for a very solid choice for anyone looking for a virtual reality peripheral to go along with the headset. However, with its immensely steep price, it won’t be available for just about anyone.


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